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Guide to Visiting the Ness School

Guide to Visiting the Ness School

Guide to Visiting the Ness School of Management & Economics

Hello! We are so happy to have you visit us at the Ness School of Management and Economics. We hope that you have the best time touring SDSU and that your visit is as smooth as possible. This blog will provide you a little sneak peek of what to expect during your visit with us.

Currently because of COVID-19 precautions we offer virtual or Face-to-Face campus visits depending on present restrictions and your personal comfort level. Either way you decide to get to know our campus our admissions team and advisors are here to answer any and all questions you may have about SDSU.

When you start your visit, you will meet with admissions ambassadors to get to know SDSU and campus as a whole. If you are considering a major or minor within the Ness School of Management & Economics you will also meet Ness School faculty or one of our advisors to learn more about the Ness School and the opportunities we provide for our students. We will show you around Harding Hall and allow yourself to picture yourself here in the coming years. If you happen to visit campus while classes are in session, you’ll get to see what a typical classroom structure is like in Harding Hall. If classes are not in session it may not be as exciting, but it will give you plenty of opportunity to see all the great spaces and resources SDSU has to offer.

Learn more about visiting SDSU and set up a visit.

How to prepare for your visit:

Check out the Ness School website

Go to the Ness School Homepage to learn more about the school, student opportunities, and student clubs.

Check out our Majors and Minors

Go here to look over some of the majors and minors offered at the Ness School to see what interests you. During your visit an advisor can provide you more information about the majors/minors you are interested in and what careers they may align with.

Prepare Your Questions

Write down any questions that you have about SDSU and the Ness School of Management & Economics. No question is too simple, the admissions staff and advisors are there to help you make informed decisions and help you feel comfortable with the school.

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