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A Guide to Handshake

A Guide to Handshake

A Guide to Handshake

With job search season in full swing and the virtual career fair right around the corner, Handshake has become a very valuable source for students. This blog will outline what Handshake is and best practices when using the platform.

What is Handshake?

Handshake is a job search platform that connects college students with career opportunities. What separates Handshake from other career search sites is that Handshake has to approve every job posted on the website. This approval process is to ensure all the job offers posted on Handshake are legitimate and are looking to hire college students or recent graduates.

Features of Handshake.

Like other career search sites, students have a profile where they can post their resumes, career interests, and portfolio. Along with a job board full of opportunities of all kinds, Handshake has an events tab with different events hosted by the Office of Career and Development. There is a Career Center tab where you can access resources from the Office of Career and Development that are curated to be relevant to you and your career interests, make an appointment with them, or take career surveys.

There is also a Q&A section where you can ask and answer questions with other Handshake users. This section is for users to ask about experiences or jobs that they are looking for or wondering about. It is a space for users to learn from each other. You can also search for and message other students from the same university.

Best Practices for Handshake.

Keep your profile up to date.

You never know when employers will be checking for possible new hires on Handshake, so make sure that your profile is ready to make a good impression at all times. Make sure that your profile picture, resume, portfolio, and bio are up to date.

Check job postings often.

Especially this time of year new jobs are posted almost daily. So make sure that you are checking Handshake and our monthly opportunity blogs often so you never miss out.

To learn more about Handshake and how to get started in this article from Handshake Support.

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