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Faculty Feature: Mrs. Kayte Haggerty

Faculty Feature: Mrs. Kayte Haggerty

Get to know one of your academic advisors, Mrs. Kayte Haggerty!

Mrs. Haggerty has been a Professional Academic Advisor here at State for over 8.5 years! She  is an SDSU alumni, who majored in Sociology & Spanish for her undergraduate degree and has a Master’s Degree in Counseling & Human Development! 

Mrs. Haggerty enjoys her job because of all the variety it has - she teaches ECON 119, helps students with all of their academic needs, planned career fairs, worked with student clubs, helped at student leadership retreats among other things that come her way! “There’s never a dull moment, but I love the constant change of pace!” she said. 

Mrs. Haggerty also enjoys the connections she makes through her job. “The best part of my job is getting to know each of my students individually and watching them grow into young professionals,” she said.  “I love hearing from students after they’ve graduated and learning about their successes and where they’re at in life.” 

Outside of educational settings, Mrs. Haggerty is a mom to two daughters and has been married for over 15 years! She grew up in Minnesota and considers herself a Minnesota girl living in a South Dakota world, because her heart is in both places! She also loves to attend country music concerts with her friends. 

Mr. Haggerty’s advice to students is; “Treat college like it is your full-time job. Put in the time and effort that you deserve - your paycheck is graduation, something that can never be taken away from you.”