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Dr. Wang named Club Adviser of the Year

Dr. Wang accepting his award.

Our very own Ness School professor, Dr. Zhiguang (Gerald) Wang, was selected as the Students’ Association Club Adviser of the Year on April 4, 2022. Dr. Wang was nominated for his advising role in the Investment Club and for his dedication to the organization. Founding the club in 2012, he has advised the club and over 200 members, receiving multiple awards along the way. 

Investment club is an excellent way for students to expand their knowledge of investments of all kinds with opportunities to network and socialize with others who share common interests of investing. Members have the chance to gain valuable information on stock and commodity trading and financial markets, as well as other types of investments, through lectures, guest speakers and general conversations with other club members. In addition, members can participate in their trading competition, which occurs in the fall and spring semesters.

Dr. Wang was recognized for his dedication to helping his students succeed and his willingness to do whatever he can to assist them. In his time advising the Investment Club, it has received numerous awards including being named the 2016 ‘Outstanding Program’ for its Q & A session with Warren Buffett. Additionally, Dr. Wang advised club members when they compete in multiple national trading competitions, including one at Harvard Business School in 2019. Additionally, the club has gone on many educational trips including to the Chicago Board of Trades and the NYSE.

Aside from advising the Investment Club, Dr. Wang also teaches a variety of business finance and investment courses. Upcoming courses you can take with Dr. Wang includes Business Finance (FIN 310) in Summer 2022 and Fall 2022 and Investments (FIN 411/511) in Fall 2022. His research interests include asset pricing, financial and commodity derivatives, volatility, machine learning, market microstructure and non-Gaussian distributions and processes - if any of these topics interest you, make sure to stop by his office and chat about them!