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5 Summer Classes for YOU in 2023

Summer courses to consider

Are you looking to get ahead of classes this summer? Maybe you need to make up a few credits? Do you just want to take a course for something to do? Learn more about a few course options for YOU to take this summer below!

AGEC/BADM 457: Business Ethics

In this course, you will study the ethical implications of managerial decisions! Topics covered include the responsibility of the organization to the individual and society, the role of the individual within the organization, and ethical systems for American business. Not only that, but this course provides an examination and assessment of current American business practices - and there are no prerequisites!

DSCI 424: Operations Research

This course looks at quantitative tools and methods used in the decision making process of business organizations. Linear programming, decision making under uncertainty, simulation, inventory models, and queuing models are all topics you will study in this course! Prerequisites are BADM 220 or STAT 281.

ECON 301: Intermediate Microeconomics

In intermediate microeconomics, you will examine more advanced microeconomic theory, then apply it to consumers’ and businesses’ consumption, pricing and output decisions in various types of markets. The prerequisites for this course are ECON 201 and MATH 121 or 123.

ECON 302: Intermediate Macroeconomics

In intermediate macroeconomics, you will examine more advanced macroeconomic theories, then use them to understand the determinants of national output, prices, interest rates, and employment under various conditions, and to evaluate effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policies. The prerequisites for this course are ECON 202 and MATH 121 or 123.

ECON 431: Managerial Economics

In this course, you will learn applications of microeconomic theory, statistics and other quantitative methods to analysis and solution of decision making problems confronted by managers of agribusiness, commercial and manufacturing enterprises. Topics you will cover include economic analysis of demand, production, cost, market structure, government regulation, risk and capital budgeting. This course’s prerequisites are ECON 201 and STAT 281.