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5 Reasons You Should Intern

5 reasons you should intern

1. Gain professional experience and apply your education

Do you ever wonder what an actual day in the life of your dream job is like? What better way to find out than work in that profession! By working as an intern, you gain professional experience and skills that prepare you for the workforce. You get to apply principles and concepts you have learned throughout your years of studying at college and immerse yourself in an industry that you may want to work in after graduation. 

2. Learn about the Industry

Internships are a great way to discover what an industry is like and what you want to do in the near future! What you learn in class can’t fully describe what certain jobs and industries consist of. By being an intern, you gain an inside look as to what a certain industry is like, which can help you become well versed for when you are applying for a job post graduation. Not to mention, you may realize that you like to do a job you thought you wouldn’t or that you don’t like the type of work you thought you did! 

3. Grow your network

Another great benefit of interning for a company is that you get to meet so many new people and form connections that can help you in the future. By establishing relationships with other professionals you can put your name out into the professional world and gain valuable insights from your connections.  Sometimes, finding a job can be hard after graduating, however the connections you make now can pay off later. Stay connected with the people you meet through LinkedIn - you might see their company post a job opportunity or one of your connections may remember you from your internship and reach out to you about a position!

4. Get feedback on and enhance your skills

During your time as an intern, you will likely work in a variety of capacities; getting feedback on your skills and work is so crucial! By receiving constructive criticism, you can learn from your mistakes to strengthen your weaknesses and make your strengths even stronger. Through receiving feedback, you can also cultivate the skills you will need as a professional (and you can’t get that from studying or extracurriculars)!

5. Set yourself up for success

Having the real world experience that an internship provides can set you up for success in the future. Aside from gaining experience and forming connections, you will find that you are better prepared to enter the workforce. An internship builds your resume and lets employers know that you are eager to work, even if your experience isn’t exactly like the job you’re applying for. Not to mention, you could land a job with the company you interned with before even graduating! Tons of companies hire their interns and you could be next!