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3 Steps for a Successful Semester

3 Steps to a Successful Semester

For many of us, a New Year means striving for a new start. If your goals include thoughts of working harder, learning more, and improving your efforts for this semester, here are three helpful tips for student to make sure they are gaining the most from college.

  1. Purchase class materials – Achieving maximum success starts from day one with getting all the assigned books and supplies. This helps your success by ensuring you have all the information needed for the class right at your fingertips. You can buy or rent books through Jackrabbit Central, or other online sites like Amazon.
  2. Stay organized – Staying organized looks different for everyone, so we challenge you to find the best organization system for yourself. Some ways include planners, digital sticky notes, excel spreadsheets, or lists. Staying organized can help make the semester less stressful and provides a system to make sure your homework is complete and turned in on time and you know when other assignments and exams are.
  3. Go to class and ask questions – Teachers are excited to have students who are willing to learn. Therefore, take advantage of this by attending class and participating by asking questions while in class. Also, office hours are a prime time to network and connect with instructors while getting the help you need to become successful.

The Ness School of Business and Economics wishes everyone the best this semester and encourages students to find your best routine to be on a path for success.