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College of Natural Sciences Ambassadors


CNS Ambassador Selection

College of Natural Sciences Ambassadors are selected through a competitive application and selection process held each fall. CNS Ambassador positions are offered to current SDSU-CNS students who will have completed at least one year as a full-time college student at SDSU when they start their position in August of the academic year.

CNS Ambassador Application

Important Dates:

  • Application/Materials: Friday, August 12
  • Screening Process Begins: Monday, August 15
  • Interview Dates: Tuesday, August 16 through Tuesday, August 23
  • Selection Date: Friday, August 25

Job Description & Requirements

College of Natural Sciences (CNS) Ambassadors are hired to represent and promote CNS to prospective students and their families, as well as the general public. CNS Ambassadors are critical to the successful recruitment of students to CNS majors & programs, providing insights to prospective student and their family on what supports and community they would be a part of. The public will gain lasting impressions about the CNS, experiencing what great things are happening within our college.  

  • Contract dates are August 2022 to May 2023.
  • Ambassadors are required to attend a fall training retreat and training sessions throughout the year as scheduled.
  • Ambassadors are required to assist with College of Natural Sciences events & recruitment activities, average 1-2x per month.
  • Ambassadors are required to attend weekend programs throughout the fall and spring semesters (Ex. Senior Day, Junior Day, and Yellow & Blue Discover Day among others).
  • Ambassadors may periodically be assigned to additional duties.