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Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator Position - Filled

New position begins February 22nd

Charlene Wolf-Hall, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences, has hired Ian Charnley as the college’s recruitment and outreach coordinator. Charnley comes to SDSU from University of California - Santa Cruz.

“We are delighted to have Ian in this new role, which will provide critical support for recruiting students and connecting with stakeholders,” Wolf-Hall said.

Charnley, who will start Feb. 22, earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Creighton University. He also has master’s degrees in clinical counseling and human services, mental health counseling from Bellevue University.

“I look forward to showcasing the great things being accomplished at SDSU when talking with prospective students,” he said. “I want to be able to capture what makes each department unique and why investing time, energy and resources to join the natural sciences programs are of lifetime value.”