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College of Natural Sciences Alumni Around the World

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We are proud of our alumni. Their stories, their journeys, their accomplishments, and impacts to the communities all around. To learn more about our alumni, explore below by clicking on the map and selecting an alumni of choice. You'll learn more about where our alumni come from, where they have gone, types of careers and engaging activities they've been a part of, and what type of degrees/majors that gave them the means to pursue their various paths.

Helpful tips for using the map:

  1. To start, simply click the play button on the map to activate all features. 
  2. For additional insights, videos and articles relating to our alumni, click on alumni's name and/or pictures to open links. 
  3. By clicking on "<" on the right side of the map, you'll be able to see all of the mapped alumni, broken down by each department area. Click on name and you will be directly taken to alumni profile. 

Scientist Spotlight: Faculty 

This month's faculty spotlight is Dr. Rachel Willand-Charnley, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.

Combining expertise in organic chemistry, glycobiology and cancer immunology, Dr. Willand-Charnley's lab's research involves developing new methods in organic chemistry and applying organic chemistry to understanding biological processes and solve biological problems, a field referred to as chemical biology. The lab’s research has applications in biotechnology and biomedicine.

To learn more about Dr. Willand-Charnley and her lab, check out

Cover of the Feb. 5 Journal of Organic Chemistry
Genant, Backhaus

Scientist Spotlight: Student

South Dakota State University offensive lineman Wes Genant earned his third career selection to the CoSIDA Academic All-America Division I Football Team and linebacker Logan Backhaus also earned a spot on the honor squad for 2021. 

Scientist Spotlight: Research

Study shows low COVID-19 infection rate in health care workers. Read more here to find out how CNS Researchers are aiding in the expansion of knowledge around COVID-19 impacts. 

Thiex-Ness COVID-19 Study


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