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About Us

About the College of Natural Sciences (CNS)

The College of Natural Sciences was founded on July 1, 2018. South Dakota State University strategically realigned four existing departments to create this new academic unit. The move has created an infrastructure that better supports our students and has raised the profile of our research and programs! 

CNS is unique because our faculty are doing cutting-edge research every day, yet it is easily accessible to our students, both undergraduate and graduate. They get hands-on experience researching relevant topics, and results from our college are benefiting society in areas ranging from cancer treatments and creating efficient batteries to streamlining fire evacuation routes. Our students go on to become educators, scientists, health care professionals, and policy-makers who can make an impact. We’re nationally ranked in several metrics including program value, research funding, and excellence in specific expertise areas.  Our future is exciting because we’re focused on growing in the areas of scholarships, outreach, and improving life for all of us.

Across our four departments, we offer a variety of minors, certificates, and degree programs in the sciences:

  • 13 Bachelor's degrees
  • 7 minors
  • 2 undergraduate certificates
  • 8 Master's degrees
  • 7 Doctorate degrees
  • 3 graduate certificates

Our Departments

Biology.Microbiology Image

Biology & Microbiology

Chemistry.Biochemistry Image

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Geography.Geospatial Sciences Image

Geography & Geospatial Sciences

Physics Image


Our Location

The College of Natural Sciences Dean's Office is located in the Avera Health & Science building, room 131. Check out the interactive, 3D campus map here!

Exterior photo of the Avera building

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