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Spring 2020 Seminar - NRM 790

Date & Time:  Friday at 10:00am
Classroom:  SNP103




Jan 17Michele DudashWelcome to Semester and Announcements
Jan 24Katelin Frerichs (MS-Proposal)Goat strain M. ovi and bighorn sheep research
Jan 31Pat Johnson Professor EmeritusChanging Paradigms, Reception 1-3pm, with remarks @ 1:30pm
Feb 07--
Feb 14Michele DudashConsideration of a Paradigm Shift in the Genetic Management of Fragmented Populations
Feb 21Onja RazafindratsimaLemurs, forest and poverty
Feb 28Torre Hovick, NDSU
Hosts: Sandy Smart & Lora Perkins
Restoring Rangeland Disturbance Regimes to Promote Biodiversity
and Ecosystem Services
Mar 06

Larry Gigliotti, volunteer faculty
Assistant Unit Leader of USGS SD Coop Unit

The Hunting Culture
 Megan Figura (MS-Proposal)Evaluating avian use of cover crops in the Corn Belt
Mar 13Spring Break 
Mar 20Extended Spring Break 
Mar 27Dr. Meghann Jarchow, USD
Host: Charlie Fenster
Reincorporating prairie into the Northern Great Plains
Apr 03Trenton Rohrer (MS-Proposal)Breeding Ecology of Overwater Nesting Ducks in SW Manitoba
 Alexandrea Michels (MS-Proposal)Pollinator diversity and insect ecosystem services in regenerative
agroecosystems in ND and Manitoba
Apr 10Easter Recess 
Apri 17Charles Mordhorst (MS-Proposal)Post-stocking survival of Rainbow Trout in Black Hills reservoirs.
Apr 24Sarah Herzog (MS-Completion)Examining Biodiversity Metrics and the Utility of DNA Barcoding
in the Northern Great Plains.
 Deva Khanal (MS-Proposal)Cytotypes variation of Russian thistle in various geographical
locations and ecology
2pmKaj Lynoe (MS-Defense)Function and Structure of Soil Microbial Communities in Arctic Alaska
May 01Jackie Krakow (MS-Completion)Grassland Bird Use of High and Low Diversity Prairie Plantings
 Zigeng Chen (PhD-Proposal)Grassland Soil Carbon Flux in Response to the Extreme Precipitation Events