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Spring 2020 Seminar - NRM 790

Date & Time:  Friday at 10:00am
Classroom:  SNP103




Jan 17Michele DudashWelcome to Semester and Announcements
Jan 24Katelin Frerichs (MS-Proposal)Goat strain M. ovi and bighorn sheep research
Jan 31Pat Johnson Professor Emeritus.Changing Paradigms, Reception 1-3pm, with remarks @ 1:30pm
Feb 07--
Feb 14Michele DudashConsideration of a Paradigm Shift in the Genetic Management of
Fragmented Populations
Feb 21Onja RazafindratsimaLemurs, forest and poverty
Feb 28Torre Hovick, NDSU
Hosts: Sandy Smart & Lora Perkins
Restoring Rangeland Disturbance Regimes to Promote Biodiversity
and Ecosystem Services
Mar 06Zigeng Chen (PhD-Proposal)Grassland Soil Carbon Flux in Response to the Extreme
Precipitation Events
 Megan Figura (MS-Proposal)Evaluating avian use of cover crops in the Corn Belt
Mar 13Spring Break 
Mar 20Trenton Rohrer (MS-Proposal)Breeding Ecology of Overwater Nesting Ducks in SW Manitoba
Mar 27Dr. Meghann Jarchow, USD
Host: Charlie Fenster
Sustainability in the Great Plains
Apr 03Jackie Krakow (MS-Completion)Grassland Bird Use of High and Low Diversity Prairie Plantings
 Alexandrea Michels (MS-Proposal)Pollinator diversity and insect ecosystem services in regenerative
agroecosystems in ND and Manitoba
Apr 10Easter Recess 
Apr 17Shiva Torabian (PhD-Proposal)The effects of parasiticide on dung beetle and nutrient cycling.
 Charles Mordhorst (MS-Proposal)Post-stocking survival of Rainbow Trout in Black Hills reservoirs.
Apr 24Sarah Herzog (MS-Completion)Examining Biodiversity Metrics and the Utility of DNA Barcoding
in the Northern Great Plains.
 Deva Khanal (MS-Proposal)Cytotypes variation of Russian thistle in various geographical
locations and ecology
May 01OPEN