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Spring 2019 Seminar

Date & Time: Friday at 10:00am
Classroom: SNP103




Jan 11

Michele Dudash Welcome to Semester and Announcements

Jan 18

Lora Perkins

Back to the Future: Management for sustainable Great Plains grasslands

Jan 25 Charlie Fenster Role of academic societies in promoting and facilitating science
Feb 01 Cindy Anchor MS Proposal: Evaluating the post-fledging movement and ecology of hatch year mallards in the Dakotas
  Jennifer Lutze MS Completion: Winter patch grazing, patch burn grazing, and bird communities in western South Dakota
Feb 08 Rebecca Kolstrom MS Completion: Identifying an Optimal Bald Eagle Monitoring Program for Southwest Alaska National Parks
  Abby Blanchard MS Proposal: Revegetating salt-impacted soils
Feb 15 Zigeng Chen MS Proposal: Ultraviolet (UV)-B effects on the three contrasting sweet potato cultivars growth and yield
  Jackie Krakow MS Proposal: Grassland bird use of high and low diversity native prairie plantings
Feb 22 Brian Graeb A Predictive Framework for Fish Habitat Restoration
Mar 01 Lan Xu Role of bud banks in grassland ecosystems
Mar 08 Spring Break 
Mar 15 Kelsen Young MS Proposal: Post-stocking mortality of Hatchery Reared Rainbow Trout in the Black Hills of South Dakota
  Skyler Arent MS Proposal: Impacts of Russian Olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) in South Dakota
Mar 22 Tanner Davis MS Proposal: Exploitation and Habitat Use of Lake Sharpe Walleyes
  Cade Lyon MS Proposal: Role of Angler Harvest on Walleye Population Dynamics in Three Western South Dakota Reservoirs
Mar 29 Mike Brown One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish
Apr 05 Emily Moberg MS Proposal: Reproductive success, survival, and cause-specific mortality of bighorn sheep in Nebraska
  Sarah Herzog MS Proposal: Impacts of management practices on plant biodiversity and utility of DNA barcodes in grassland habitats
Apr 12   cancelled due to the weather
Apr 19 Easter Recess 
Apr 26 Jamie Brennan PhD completion: Diet Selection of Grazing Livestock and Plant Community Dynamics in Pastures Occupied by Prairie Dogs
May 03 Dr. Qinghe Li
(Visiting scientist)
Clonal Desert Shrubs in China: Ecological Adaptations