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M.S. in Biological Sciences


Biological Sciences - M.S.


An M.S. degree in Biological Sciences is intended to educate students for management-level positions with state and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, private companies, and for the pursuit of higher academic degrees.  Students can specialize in either Ecology and Environmental Sciences or Rangeland Ecology and Management.  Through specifically identified study plans and mentoring, we strive to assist students in developing their intellectual capacity and skills in working with natural resources and people.  Each student works directly alongside faculty mentors to propose and conduct an original scientific investigation.

Is it for you?

Enjoy working outdoors?
Enjoy working with plants, animals, and their habitats?
Enjoy working to resolve ecological and environmental issues?


Research Scientist
State and Federal Agency Biologist
Non-governmental Biologist
Private Consultant

For more information about this degree, please see the SDSU Catalog.

Contact Us

For questions, please contact: Michele Dudash or Terri Symens

South Dakota State University
Natural Resource Management
Box 2140B
Brookings, SD 57007