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SDSU Brookings Campus Weather Related Announcement

The South Dakota State University campus will be closing from 5 p.m. on Friday, March 31 until 8 a.m. on Saturday, April 1, due to the Blizzard Warning that will go into effect 7 p.m. Friday to 4 a.m. on Saturday morning.  SDSU will then return to the normal weekend schedule on Saturday morning. Only essential employees as deemed by their supervisors will report to work during the closure hours. On Friday morning, ensure you continue to monitor the weather and work with your supervisor or instructor on your individual travel concerns. For additional closure information please check the Emergency Management website

Graduate Alumni

*If you want to update, please email the NRM main office.

Grad Year Full Name Degree Specialty Advisor Job Placement After Completion
2020Hilary SyvertsonM.S.WFS - WildlifeLonsinger/GregoryGIS Specialist, State of Montana, Helene, MT
2020Michael SundallM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksPrivate Lands Biologist, Pheasants Forever, IA
2020Kathryn SchlafkeM.S.WFS - FisheriesGraebOutdoor Education, North Dakota Game and Fish
2020Nicholas KludtPh.D.WFS - FisheriesGraebSenior Fisheries Specialist, Minnesota DNR
2020Sarah HerzogM.S.BIOS - NRMLatvisPh.D. student, Kansas State University
2020Miran Hama-SalhPh.D.WFS - FisheriesBrownLecturer, University of Sulaimani
2020Will GallmanM.S.WFS - WildlifeStaffordTBD
2020Austin GalinatM.S.WFS - FisheriesChippsFishery Biologist, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, Sacramento, CA
2020Seth FopmaPh.D.WFS - FisheriesGraebIowa Department of Natural Resources
2020Brandi Felts (Crider)Ph.D.WFS - WildlifeJenksIdaho Game and Fish
2020Heidi BeckerM.S.BIOS - NRMLefflerSoil Conservationist, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Ipswich, SD
2019Lucas ZilverbergM.S.BIOS - NRMLan XuBiologist, Pheasants Forever, Sleepy Eye, MN
2019Katherine WollmanM.S.WFS - FisheriesTroelstrupBiologist, Grand River Dam Authority, OK
2019Brandon VanderbushM.S.WFS - FisheriesBrownResource Biologist, SD Game, Fish and Parks, Chamberlain, SD
2019Aaron SundmarkPh.D.WFS - WildlifeGigliottiFisheries Lake IBI Biologist, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
2019Jessica RichertM.S.BIOS - NRMLefflerEcosystem-Biomed Health Laboratory, University of Alaska, Anchorage, AL
2019Lindsey Parsons (Bischoff)Ph.D.WFS - WildlifeJenksDeer/Elk Coordinator, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
2019Joseph MrnakM.S.WFS - FisheriesChippsPh.D. student, University of Wisconsin, Madison
2019Jennifer LutzeM.S.BIOS - NRMP. Johnson/JensenBird Conservancy of the Rockies
2019Rebecca KolstromM.S.BIOS - NRMWilson/GigliottiThe Great Basin Institute, Sacramento, CA
2019Bailey GulliksonM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksConservation Program Specialist, Department of Agriculture, Pierre, SD
2019Jacob ComerM.S.WFS - WildlifePerkinsWildlife Biologist with Quail Forever, Elizabethtown, NC
2019Jameson BrennanPh.D.BIOS - NRMJohnson, P.Assistant Professor, Animal Science, SDSU, Rapid City, SD
2019Michael BredesonPh.D.BIOS - NRMSmart/LundgrenEcdysis, Minnesota Branch
2018Jill VoorheesM.S.WFS - FisheriesBrown/ChippsHatchery Assistant Manager, State of SD, Rapid City
2018Travis RehmM.S.WFS - FisheriesChippsFisheries Biologist, the Spokane Tribe of Indians
2018Mandy OrthPh.D.WFSJensenInstructor, Department of Biology and Microbiology, SDSU
2018Emily MitchellM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksArea Biologist/Resource Biologist, Montana
2018Hector Menendez IIIPh.D.BIOS - NRMDudashResearch Agriculturist, USDA-ARS, College Station, TX
2018Kyle KaskieM.S.BIOS - NRMWimberlyGIS Program Specialist, SD Game, Fish and Parks, Pierre, SD
2018Tom KasigaPh.D.WFS - FisheriesBrownPostdoc, SDSU
2018Stephen JonesM.S.WFS - FisheriesGraebBiologist, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
2018Elise Hughes BerheimM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksFounder of Environmental Experiences LLC, Colorado
2018Mark HendrixM.S.BIOS - NRMSmartResource Program Manager, Custer State Park, SD
2018Joshua HarveyM.S.BIOS - NRMLefflerResearch Associate, Texas A&M AgriLife
2018Tyler GarwoodM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksPh.D. Student, University of Minnesota
2018Eli FeltsPh.D.WFS - FisheriesGraebIdaho Fish and Game
2018Surendra BamM.S.BIOS - NRMXuPh.D. candidate, La Trobe University
2017Brandon WhiteM.S.WFS - FisheriesBrownBiologist, Idaho Game and Fish
2017Ty WerdelM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksPh.D. Student, Kansas State University
2017Lily SweikertPh.D.WFS - WildlifeGigliottiFellow, the USAID Global Development Lab, D.C.
2017Aaron SuehringM.S.BIOS - NRMTroelstrupWestern Ecosystems Technology, Inc
2017Ming-Yu StephensM.S.BIOS - NRMPerkinsEnvironmental Scientist, Anchorage, AL
2017David SchumannPh.D.WFS - FisheriesBertrandAssistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
2017Alexander RosburgM.S.WFS - FisheriesChippsFisheries Biologist, SD Game, Fish and Parks
2017Samantha RommingenM.S.WFS - WildlifeDieterMom of three kids, Bismarck, ND
2017Jarrett PfrimmerPh.D.WFS - WildlifeStaffordDirector of Meskwaki Department of Natural Resources Sac and Fox Tribe of Mississippi in Iowa, Tama, IA
2017Erin PetersonM.S.WFS - FisheriesTroelstrupPh.D. student, University of Maine
2017Jacob PecenkaM.S.BIOS - NRMSmart/LundgrenFormer Senior Community Assistant, SDSU
2017Sarah NevisonM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksWildlife Biologist, NE Game and Parks Commission
2017Daniel T. NelsonM.S.WFS - FisheriesWuellnerBiological Scientist, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
2017Neal MartorelliM.S.WFS - WildlifeStaffordPrivate Lands Wildlife Biologist, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies
2017Claire LaCanne(Bestul)M.S.BIOS - NRMSmart/LundgrenExtension Educator, Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, University of MN
2017Lyntausha KuehlM.S.BIOS - NRMTroelstrupStudent, Wolf Ridge Environmental Education Learning Center
2017Chance KirkeengM.S.WFS - FisheriesGraebFisheries Biologist, WY
2017Adam KauthM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksIdaho Department of Fish and Game
2017Todd Kaufman M.S.WFS - FisheriesBrown/BlackwellFisheries Biologist, SD Game, Fish and Parks, Webster, SD
2017Chad KaiserM.S.WFS - FisheriesBertrandFisheries Biologist, Georgia
2017Randy JohnsonM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksLarge Carnivore Specialist, Wisconsin DNR
2017Kassondra HendricksM.S.WFS - WildlifeDieter/BakkerBiologist, Ducks Unlimited, Minnesota
2016Brandon TyczM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksBiologist, Idaho Game and Fish
2016Kylee ShotkoskiM.S.BIOS - NRMDieterProject Manager Contractor Firm, Sioux Falls, SD
2016William RadiganM.S.WFS - FisheriesGraebArmy 
2016Fred OslundM.S.WFS - WildlifeStaffordBiologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Fergus Falls, MN
2016Katherine MoratzM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksBiologist, West Inc., Bismarck
2016John LorenzenM.S.WFS - FisheriesBertrand/GraebFisheries Biologist, Missouri
2016Joshua LeonardM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksPh.D. student, University of Wyoming
2016Jeremy KientzM.S.WFS - FisheriesChippsSD Game, Fish and Parks
2016Adam JankePh.D.WFS - WildlifeStaffordAssistant Profesor, Iowa State University
2016Kaylee FaltysM.S.BIOS - NRMTroelstrupAssociate Scientist, PPD, Madison, WI
2016Shubham DattaPh.D.WFS - WildlifeJenksAssistant Professor, Minot State University, Bottineau, ND
2016Kristopher CudmoreM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksBiologist, SD Game, Fish and Parks
2016Ryann CresseyM.S.WFS - WildlifeStaffordBiologist, Ducks Unlimited, Bismarck, ND
2016Kurt ChowanskiPh.D.BIOS - NRMGatesResearch Scientist, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
2016Timothy BrucePh.D.WFS - FisheriesBrown/YoungPost Doc (Fish Immunology) -- University of Idaho
2016Jason BreeggemannPh.D.WFS - FisheriesGraebFisheries Biologist, WI
2016Albara BinothmanM.S.WFS - FisheriesJenksBiologist, Saudi Arabian Government
2015Malia VolkePh.D.BIOS - NRMJohnson, C.Aquatic and Riparian Habitat Specialist, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
2015Kwan TeohM.S.BIOS - NRMJohnson, C.Environmental Research Associate, As You Sow, UC Berkeley
2015Kristin SternhagenM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksPlanner, City of Yankton, SD
2015Bradley SmithM.S.WFS - FisheriesWillis/BlackwellBiologist, Oregon Game and Fish
2015Benjamin SimpsonM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksBiologist, NY State Dept of Environmental Conservation
2015Dustin SchulzM.S.WFS - FisheriesBrownMarketing, Prairie Aquatech LLC
2015Natalie ScheibelM.S.WFS - FisheriesChippsOregon Department of Fish and Game
2015Tait RonningenM.S.WFS - WildlifeDieterBiologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bismarck, ND
2015Jordan PurintunM.S.BIOS - NRMLarsonState Botanist, SD Natural Heritage Program Coordinator, SD Game, Fish and Parks, Pierre, SD
2015Brynn ParrM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksBiologist, Alaska Game and Fish
2015Diane NaremM.S.BIOS - NRMXuResearcher IV, Department of Horticultural Science, University of Minnesota
2015Darrel MechamM.S.WFS - FisheriesGraebFisheries Biologist, UT
2015Brianna LindM.S.BIOS - NRMHananPhD student in Plant and Environmental Sciences, NMSU
2015Wyatt KirwanM.S.BIOS - NRMSmartIndustry
2015William InselmanM.S.WFS - WildlifeGrovenburgBiologist, Nebraska Game and Parks, Bassett, NE
2015Emily HelmsM.S.BIOS - NRMSmartNatural Resource Conservation Service
2015Jeffrey GroteM.S.WFS - FisheriesWuellnerAffiliate, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2015Brianna GraffM.S.WFS - WildlifeGrovenburgLibrarian, Clear Lake, Iowa
2015David DeslauriersPh.D.WFS - FisheriesChippsResearch Scientist, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
2015Andrew CarlsonM.S.WFS - FisheriesGraebPh.D. Candidate, Michigan State
2015Joe BennettM.S.BIOS - NRMPerkinsGame Biologist, Nevada Department of Wildlife in Tonopah, NV
2014David WilckensM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksBiologist, New Mexico Game and Fish
2014Aaron Von EschenM.S.WFS - FisheriesBrownResearch Biologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service
2014Emily UlrichM.S.BIOS - NRMPerkinsResearch Technician, Nevada
2014Benjamin TurnerPh.D.BIOS - NRMGatesAssistant Professor, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
2014Megan ThulM.S.WFS - FisheriesChippsIowa Department of Natural Resources
2014Joshua B. SmithPh.D.WFS - WildlifeJenksBiologist, Oregon Game and Fish
2014Scott SindelarM.S.WFS - FisheriesBrownAquaculture Manager, Prairie Aquatech LLC
2014Tobias RappPh.D.WFS - FisheriesGraebResearch Scientist, Germany
2014Brian PaulyM.S.BIOS - NRMDieterPrivate Lands Biologist, SD Game, Fish and Parks, Huron
2014Megan Mortellaro-BrownM.S.BIOS - NRMSmartNatural Resource Conservation Service
2014Claire LaCanne (Bestul)M.S.BIOS - NRMJohnson, C.University of Minnesota Extension Educator
2014Rebeca JuarezM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksStaff, Eastern Oregon University
2014Kjetil HendersonM.S.WFS - FisheriesGigliottiBiologist, the Rock Island District Army Corps of Engineers
2014Laura HeironimusM.S.WFS - FisheriesChippsSturgeon Biologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service
2014Cari-Ann HayerPh.D.WFS - FisheriesGraebFisheries Biologist, WI
2014Justin DupeyM.S.WFS - WildlifeJensenBiologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service
2014Daniel DembkowskiPh.D.WFS - FisheriesWuellnerResearch scientist, WICFWRU
2014Michael BarnesPh.D.WFS - FisheriesBrownAdministrator, SD Game, Fish and Parks
2013Cody WarnerM.S.WFS - WildlifeDieterNatural Resource Conservation Service, Webster, SD
2013Tanner StevensM.S.WFS - FisheriesGraebFisheries Biologist, MN
2013Alexander SolemM.S.WFS - WildlifeJensenResource Biologist, SD Game, Fish and Parks, Huron, SD
2013Anna Sidie-SlettedahlM.S.WFS - WildlifeJensenBiologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Minneapolis, MN
2013Brian  SchafferM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksBiologist, ND Game and Fish
2013Alexander LetvinM.S.WFS - FisheriesBrownEnvironmental Scientist, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife
2013Jacob KrauseM.S.WFS - FisheriesBertrandPostdoctoral Scholar, North Carolina State University
2013Arjun KafleM.S.BIOS - NRMTroelstrupPh.D. Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Biology and Microbiology, SDSU
2013Mark KaemingkPh.D.WFS - FisheriesWillisResearch Associate/Fishery Scientist, Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE
2013Jessica HowellM.S.WFS - FisheriesBertrandCoordinator, Aquatic Nuisance Species, ND
2013Trenton HaffleyM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksBiologist, SD Game, Fish and Parks
2013Eli FeltsM.S.WFS - FisheriesGraebPh.D. Graduate Research Assistant, Department of NRM, SDSU
2013Andrew DierksM.S.BIOS - NRMJensenSeed Service, Lubben Farms, MN
2013Julie DeJongPh.D.WFS - WildlifeHigginsHead of Animal Control, Sioux Falls
2013Benjamin CarrollM.S.WFS - WildlifeDieterFish and Wildlife Biologist, State of Washington
2013Eric BoydaM.S.BIOS - NRMXuBiologist, Ducks Unlimited, Bismarck, ND
2012Joshua WhiteM.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksBiologist, Idaho Game and Fish
2012Kendall Vande KampM.S.BIOS - NRMTroelstrupEnvironmental Scientist, HDR, Sioux Falls, SD
2012Jason ThieleM.S.BIOS - NRMBakkerEnvironmental Inspector, Mecklenburg County, NC
2012Mandy OrthM.S.BIOS - NRMDieterPh.D. Graduate Assistant, Department of NRM, SDSU
2012Kyle Monteith M.S.WFS - WildlifeJenksBiologist, NRCS, Watertown, SD
2012Jacob DavisM.S.WFS - FisheriesWillisBiologist, Blackhills SD Game, Fish and Parks
2012Sarah BrunetteM.S.WFS - WildlifeGatesFamily Service Specialist, Rapid City, SD
2011Casey HeimerlM.S.WFS - WildlifeJensenWildlife Biologist, SD Game, Fish & Parks