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Graduate Alumni

*If you want to update, please email the NRM main office.

Grad YearFull NameDegreeSpecialtyAdvisorJob Placement After Completion
2012Sarah BrunetteMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeGatesFamily Service Specialist, Rapid City, SD
2012Jacob DavisMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesWillisBiologist, Blackhills SD Game, Fish & Parks
2012Kyle Monteith MSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksBiologist, NRCS, Watertown, SD
2012Mandy OrthMSBiological Science - NRMDieterPhD Graduate Assistant, Dept of NRM, SDSU
2012Jason ThieleMSBiological Science - NRMBakkerEnvironmental Inspector, Mecklenburg County, NC
2012Kendall Vande KampMSBiological Science - NRMTroelstrupEnvironmental Scientist, HDR, Sioux Falls, SD
2012Joshua WhiteMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksBiologist, Idaho Game and Fish
2013Eric BoydaMSBiological Science - NRMXuBiologist, Ducks Unlimited, Bismarck, ND
2013Benjamin CarrollMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeDieterFish & Wildlife Biologist, State of Washington
2013Julie DeJongPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeHigginsHead of Animal Control, Sioux Falls
2013Andrew DierksMSBiological Science - NRMJensenSeed Service, Lubben Farms, MN
2013Eli FeltsMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebPhD Graduate Research Assistant, Dept of NRM, SDSU
2013Trenton HaffleyMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksBiologist, SD Game, Fish & Parks
2013Jessica HowellMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBertrandCoordinator, Aquatic Nuisance Species, ND
2013Mark KaemingkPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesWillisResearch Associate/Fishery Scientist, Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE
2013Arjun KafleMSBiological Science - NRMTroelstrupPhD Graduate Research Assistant, Dept of Biology & Microbiology, SDSU
2013Jacob KrauseMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBertrandPostdoctoral Scholar, North Carolina State Univ
2013Alexander LetvinMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBrownEnvironmental Scientist, CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife
2013Brian  SchafferMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksBiologist, ND Game and Fish
2013Anna Sidie-SlettedahlMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJensenBiologist, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Minneapolis, MN
2013Alexander SolemMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJensenResource Biologist, SD Game, Fish & Parks, Huron, SD
2013Tanner StevensMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebFisheries Biologist, MN
2013Cody WarnerMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeDieterNatural Resource Conservation Service, Webster, SD
2014Michael BarnesPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBrownAdministrator, SD Game, Fish & Parks
2014Daniel DembkowskiPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesWuellnerResearch scientist, WICFWRU
2014Justin DupeyMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJensenBiologist, US Fish & Wildlife Service
2014Cari-Ann HayerPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebFisheries Biologist, WI
2014Laura HeironimusMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesChippsSturgeon Biologist, US Fish & Wildlife Service
2014Kjetil HendersonMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGigliottiBiologist, the Rock Island District Army Corps of Engineers
2014Rebeca JuarezMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksStaff, Eastern Oregon University
2014Claire LaCanne (Bestul)MSBiological Science - NRMJohnson, C.U of Minnesota Extension Educator
2014Megan Mortellaro-BrownMSBiological Science - NRMSmartNatural Resource Conservation Service
2014Brian PaulyMSBiological Science - NRMDieterPrivate Lands Biologist, SD Game, Fish & Parks, Huron
2014Tobias RappPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebResearch Scientist, Germany
2014Scott SindelarMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBrownAquaculture Manager, Prairie Aquatech LLC
2014Joshua B. SmithPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksBiologist, Oregon Game and Fish
2014Megan ThulMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesChippsIowa Department of Natural Resources
2014Benjamin TurnerPhDBiological Science - NRMGatesAssistant Professor, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
2014Emily UlrichMSBiological Science - NRMPerkinsResearch Technician, Nevada
2014Aaron Von EschenMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBrownResearch Biologist, US Fish & Wildlife Service
2014David WilckensMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksBiologist, New Mexico Game and Fish
2015Joe BennettMSBiological Science - NRMPerkinsGame Biologist, Nevada Dept of Wildlife in Tonopah, NV
2015Andrew CarlsonMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebPhD Candidate, Michigan State
2015David DeslauriersPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesChippsResearch Scientist, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
2015Brianna GraffMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeGrovenburgLibrarian, Clear Lake, Iowa
2015Jeffrey GroteMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesWuellnerAffiliate, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2015Emily HelmsMSBiological Science - NRMSmartNatural Resource Conservation Service
2015William InselmanMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeGrovenburgBiologist, Nebraska Game and Parks, Bassett, NE
2015Wyatt KirwanMSBiological Science - NRMSmartIndustry
2015Brianna LindMSBiological Science - NRMHananPhD student in Plant and Environmental Sciences, NMSU
2015Darrel MechamMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebFisheries Biologist, UT
2015Diane NaremMSBiological Science - NRMXuResearcher IV, Dept of Horticultural Science, University of Minnesota
2015Brynn ParrMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksBiologist, Alaska Game and Fish
2015Jordan PurintunMSBiological Science - NRMLarsonState Botanist, SD Natural Heritage Program Coordinator, SD Game, Fish & Parks, Pierre, SD
2015Tait RonningenMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeDieterBiologist, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Bismarck, ND
2015Natalie ScheibelMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesChippsOregon Department of Fish and Game
2015Dustin SchulzMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBrownMarketing, Prairie Aquatech LLC
2015Benjamin SimpsonMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksBiologist, NY State Dept of Environmental Conservation
2015Bradley SmithMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesWillis/BlackwellBiologist, Oregon Game and Fish
2015Kristin SternhagenMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksPlanner, City of Yankton, SD
2015Kwan TeohMSBiological Science - NRMJohnson, C.Environmental Research Associate, As You Sow, UC Berkeley
2015Malia VolkePhDBiological Science - NRMJohnson, C.Aquatic and Riparian Habitat Specialist, New Mexico Dept of Game & Fish
2016Albara BinothmanMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesJenksBiologist, Saudi Arabian Government
2016Jason BreeggemannPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebFisheries Biologist, WI
2016Timothy BrucePhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBrown/YoungPost Doc (Fish Immunology) -- Univ of Idaho
2016Kurt ChowanskiPhDBiological Science - NRMGatesResearch Scientist, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
2016Ryann CresseyMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeStaffordBiologist, Ducks Unlimited, Bismarck, ND
2016Kristopher CudmoreMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksBiologist, SD Game, Fish & Parks
2016Shubham DattaPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksAssistant Professor, Minot State Univ, Bottineau, ND
2016Kaylee FaltysMSBiological Science - NRMTroelstrupAssociate Scientist, PPD, Madison, WI
2016Adam JankePhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeStaffordAssistant Professor, Iowa State University
2016Jeremy KientzMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesChippsSD Game, Fish & Parks
2016Joshua LeonardMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksPhD student, University of Wyoming
2016John LorenzenMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBertrand/GraebFisheries Biologist, Missouri
2016Katherine MoratzMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksBiologist, West Inc., Bismarck
2016Fred OslundMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeStaffordBiologist, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Fergus Falls, MN
2016William RadiganMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebArmy 
2016Kylee ShotkoskiMSBiological Science - NRMDieterProject Manager Contractor Firm, Sioux Falls, SD
2016Brandon TyczMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksBiologist, Idaho Game and Fish
2017Kassondra HendricksMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeDieter/BakkerBiologist, Ducks Unlimited, Minnesota
2017Randy JohnsonMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksLarge Carnivore Specialist, Wisconsin DNR
2017Chad KaiserMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBertrandFisheries Biologist, Georgia
2017Todd Kaufman MSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBrown/BlackwellFisheries Biologist, SD Game, Fish & Parks, Webster, SD
2017Adam KauthMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksIdaho Dept of Fish & Game
2017Chance KirkeengMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebFisheries Biologist, WY
2017Lyntausha KuehlMSBiological Science - NRMTroelstrupStudent, Wolf Ridge Environmental Education Learning Center
2017Claire LaCanne(Bestul)MSBiological Science - NRMSmart/LundgrenExtension Educator, Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, U of MN
2017Neal MartorelliMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeStaffordPrivate Lands Wildlife Biologist, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies
2017Daniel T. NelsonMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesWuellnerBiological Scientist, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
2017Sarah NevisonMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksWildlife Biologist, NE Game and Parks Commission
2017Jacob PecenkaMSBiological Science - NRMSmart/LundgrenFormer Senior Community Assistant, SDSU
2017Erin PetersonMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesTroelstrupPhD student, University of Maine
2017Jarrett PfrimmerPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeStaffordDirector of Meskwaki Dept of Natural Resources Sac and Fox Tribe of Mississippi in Iowa, Tama, IA
2017Samantha RommingenMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeDieterMom of three kids, Bismarck, ND
2017Alexander RosburgMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesChippsFisheries Biologist, SD Game, Fish & Parks
2017David SchumannPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBertrandAssistant Professor, U of Wisconsin, La Crosse
2017Ming-Yu StephensMSBiological Science - NRMPerkinsEnvironmental Scientist, Anchorage, AL
2017Aaron SuehringMSBiological Science - NRMTroelstrupWestern Ecosystems Technology, Inc
2017Lily SweikertPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeGigliottiFellow, the USAID Global Development Lab, D.C.
2017Ty WerdelMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksPhD Student, Kansas State Univ
2017Brandon WhiteMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBrownBiologist, Idaho Game and Fish
2018Surendra BamMSBiological Science - NRMXuPhD candidate, La Trobe Univ
2018Eli FeltsPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebIdaho Fish and Game
2018Tyler GarwoodMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksPhD Student, U of Minnesota
2018Joshua HarveyMSBiological Science - NRMLefflerResearch Associate, Texas A&M AgriLife
2018Mark HendrixMSBiological Science - NRMSmartResource Program Manager, Custer State Park, SD
2018Elise Hughes BerheimMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksFounder of Environmental Experiences LLC, Colorado
2018Stephen JonesMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebBiologist, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
2018Tom KasigaPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBrownPostdoc, SDSU
2018Kyle KaskieMSBiological Science - NRM - BiologyWimberlyGIS Program Specialist, SD Game, Fish & Parks, Pierre, SD
2018Hector Menendez IIIPhDBiological Science - NRMDudashResearch Agriculturist, USDA-ARS, College Station, TX
2018Emily MitchellMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksArea Biologist/Resource Biologist, Montana
2018Mandy OrthPhDWildlife and FisheriesJensenInstructor, Dept of Biology & Microbiology, SDSU
2018Travis RehmMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesChippsFisheries Biologist, the Spokane Tribe of Indians
2018Jill VoorheesMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBrown/ChippsHatchery Assistant Manager, State of SD, Rapid City
2019Lindsey Bischoff-ParsonsPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksDeer/Elk Coordinator, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
2019Michael BredesonPhDBiological Science - NRMSmart/LundgrenEcdysis, Minnesota Branch
2019Jameson BrennanPhDBiological Science - NRMJohnson, P.Assistant Professor, Animal Sci. SDSU, Rapid City, SD
2019Jacob ComerMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifePerkinsWildlife Biologist with Quail Forever, Elizabethtown, NC
2019Rebecca KolstromMSBiological Science - NRMWilson/GigliottiThe Great Basin Institute, Sacramento, CA
2019Jennifer LutzeMSBiological Science - NRMP. Johnson/JensenBird Conservancy of the Rockies
2019Joseph MrnakMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesChippsPhD student, U Wisconsin, Madison
2019Aaron SundmarkPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeGigliottiFisheries Lake IBI Biologist, Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources
2019Brandon VanderbushMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesBrownResource Biologist, SD Game, Fish & Parks, Chamberlain, SD
2019Katherine WollmanMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesTroelstrupBiologist, Grand River Dam Authority, OK
2019Lucas ZilverbergMSBiological Science - NRMLan XuBiologist, Pheasants Forever, Sleepy Eye, MN
2020Brandi Felts (Crider)PhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksIdaho Game and Fish
2020Seth FopmaPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebIowa Department of Natural Resources
2020Austin GalinatMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesChippsTBD
2020Bailey GulliksonMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeJenksConservation Program Specialist, Department of Agriculture, Pierre, SD
2020Nicholas KludtPhDWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebSenior Fisheries Specialist, Minnesota DNR
2020Jessica RichertMSBiological Science - NRMLefflerEcosystem-Biomed Health Laboratory, U of Alaska, Anchorage, AL
2020Kathryn SchlafkeMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - FisheriesGraebOutdoor Education, North Dakota Game and Fish
2020Hilary SyvertsonMSWildlife and Fisheries Sciences - WildlifeLonsinger/GregoryGIS Specialist, State of Montana, Helene, MT