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Fall 2019 Seminar - NRM 790

Date and Time: Frida at 10 a.m.
Classroom: SNP 103 (Edgar S. McFadden Biostress Laboratory)




Sep. 6Michele Dudash, SDSUIntroductions and Info Session
Sep. 13Rob Lonsinger, SDSUFor Fox Sake….
Sep. 20

10 a.m.: Spencer Barrett,
University of Toronto, Canada

Plant reproductive evolution at geographical range limits

 3 p.m. Seminar SNP 103

Evolutionary ecology and genomics of plant sexual diversity

Sep. 27Stella Liu, NRM AffiliateMaking connection between people, place and plan: A road map to manage parks and outdoor recreation
Oct. 4NO CLASS(due to TWS and AFS Joint Meeting)
Oct. 11Pam Fehr, SDSU UGREU: A Finland Experience
Oct. 18Krista Ehlert, SDSUTBA

Oct. 21

5 p.m. SAE 100
(Agricultural Engineering)

Larry Nielsen, Emeritus Professor

North Carolina State
Nature’s Allies: Lessons from the Great Conservationists of the Past
Oct. 25

Kas Williams, SDSU
Chief Diversity Officer

Diversity, SDSU and You
Nov. 1Shiva Torabian (SDSU)Habitat suitability of the sand cat
 Caliee Peterson, SDSU UGREU: An Alaskan Experience
Nov. 8Robby Schaefer (M.S.-P)Eastern red cedar and prescribed fire effects on soil
 Katelin Frerichs (M.S.-P)Goat strain M. ovi and bighorn sheep research
Nov. 15Mandy Ensrud (M.S.-P)Bighorn Sheep Chronic Shedder Removal in Western South Dakota
 Isabella Vilella (M.S.)Plant-pollinator networks
Nov. 22Marlin Dart (M.S.– P)Bobcat Occupancy research
 Jess Richert (M.S.-C)The role of winter snow cover in growing season forage quality of tussock tundra
Nov. 29Thanksgiving Recess