Facility and Equipment Fee

  • Grounds Use - All users of Oak Lake are assessed a grounds-use fee.
    • Academic group1: $1.25/person per day
    • Non-Academic group1: $2.50/person per day
  • Overnight2
    • Academic: $5/person
    • Non-Academic: $15/person
  • Dining Hall, House3
    • Academic: $12.50 minimum + $1/person over minimum
    • Non-Academic: $50 minimum + $1/person over minimum
  • Bunkhouse, N Classroom3
    • Academic: $7.50 minimum + $1/person over minimum
    • Non-Academic: $30 minimum + $1/person over minimum
  • Classroom, Laboratory3
    • Academic: $6 minimum + $1/person over minimum
    • Non-Academic: $25 minimum + $1/person over minimum
  • Canoes4 - total 8 canoes available
    • Academic: $2.50/day per canoe
    • Non-Academic: $15/day per canoe
  • Motorized Boat with Trailer (academic use only by permission) - $40/day + Fuel
  • EZ Go Utility Cart with Tilt Bed (academic use only by permission) - $10/day + Fuel
  • Mesocosm Array (academic use only by permission) - $40/week

Additional Notes:

1Academic groups are those engaged in recognized educational programs through public/private schools, colleges and universities. Non-academic groups are those engaged in all other private, civic and religious programs.

2Overnight charges are assessed per person per day.

3Groups are charged a minimum building fee for up to 30 individuals. Larger groups (>30) are charged an additional $1 amount per person per day according to the figure to the left of the minimum charge. For example, a group of 32 people (non-academic) renting the dining hall would pay $52 per day.

4Canoes may be rented at the listed rates per day. Each canoe holds 3 people. Life vests and paddles are included within the rental fee. South Dakota State University assumes no responsibility for accidents related to the use of canoes.

Sales Tax: Facility and Equipment Fee and 9% sales tax, if applicable, will be billed after use. Please refer to the following tax exempt entities.

  • Indian Tribes
  • United States Government Agencies
  • State of South Dakota
  • Public or Municipal Corporations of South Dakota
  • Municipal or Volunteer Fire or Ambulance Depts
  • Public Schools, University, Technical Institutes of SD
  • Non-profit Hospitals
  • Relief Agencies
  • SD Religious and Private Schools