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Curtis M. Twedt Upland Game Research Endowment

Curtis M. Twedt, a native of Volga, SD, graduated in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences in 1959. He then earned an M.S. in 1961, with his thesis entitled Fall Food Habits of the Merriam's Wild Turkey in Western South Dakota. He completed a Ph.D. at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1974 with a dissertation entitled Characteristics of Sharp-Tailed Grouse Display Grounds in the Nebraska Sandhills. Dr. Twedt enjoyed a 31-year career with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission as an upland game and research biologist. Along the way, he developed a deep interest in Native peoples.

Dr. Twedt established a research endowment for work on the greater prairie chicken, sharp-tailed grouse and other upland game birds in South Dakota or adjacent states. The recipient of the Twedt research grant shall be selected by the Department of Natural Resource Management at SDSU. The long-term vision of the Department is to eventually be able to provide a graduate research assistantship from this endowment.


An advisory committee composed of the Department Head of the Natural Resource Management Department (or his/her designate), and four designated faculty members from the Department of Natural Resource Management, will determine selection of the research project(s) to receive funding and subsequent disbursement of funds, which can occur at any time there are funds in the income portion of the Endowment.

The preferred use of these funds is to support prairie grouse research, but also can be used for other upland game bird and upland habitat research activities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Purchase of field or laboratory equipment and supplies
  • Travel support for graduate students on an applied research project
  • To supplement a graduate student's stipend when it had legitimate insufficient funding
  • To help with the provisions of needed technician assistance
  • To support directed matching monies to acquire a larger grant to benefit upland game birds and upland habitats

Application for funding should be submitted by the advisor of the graduate student. The application package should include:

  • A 2-3 page, single-spaced proposal summarizing the project and the financial need
  • Names and titles of the faculty person(s) and graduate student(s) requesting the funds
  • Address, phone numbers, and/or email contact information for each applicant

Mail, or Email to:Dr. Kent Jensen
Department of Natural Resource Management
Box 2140B, SNP 138
North Campus Drive
South Dakota State University
Brookings, SD 57007