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America's Grasslands Conference

The National Wildlife Federation and South Dakota State University hosted a conference entitled ”America’s Grasslands: Status, Threats and Opportunities,” Sioux Falls, SD, August 15-17, 2011. The conference brought together biologists, policy experts, ranchers, federal and state agency staff, representatives of elected officials, and conservationists for two days to discuss the latest information on the status, threats and opportunities related to North American grasslands in order to raise the national profile of this endangered ecosystem and inform those interested in developing a roadmap for its conservation. The event was immediately followed by a “Grasslands Policy Summit” on August 18, sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy, and World Wildlife Fund. The goal of the policy summit was to brainstorm strategies to elevate national interest in and conservation of North American grasslands.

The conference started on Monday afternoon, August 15th, with an optional field trip to EcoSun Prairie Farm and an evening welcoming reception at the Sheraton Conference Center in Sioux Falls. Tuesday and Wednesday were dedicated to a series of symposia discussing selected topics, including grazing and grasslands, grassland restoration and management, energy development, climate change and grasslands, and federal policy.


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Dr. Susan P. Rupp (co-chair)
South Dakota State University  

Julie Sibbing (co-chair)
National Wildlife Federation