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Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Music Education

Music education is a popular choice of major at SDSU in that it provides professional certification as part of the degree. With a staff of authorities in the educational techniques of music teaching, students receive a thorough preparation for this profession. The curriculum for future music educators includes basic music studies in music theory, history, pedagogy and conducting, the development of applied skills, and invaluable public performance experience. This program continually produces teachers of merit who achieve professional success.

Bachelor of Arts, Music

This program takes advantage of the types of courses central to a liberal arts education. Although the degree is not tied to any specific career aspiration, students often use the degree as preparation for careers in musicology, composing, music librarianship, and private studio teaching. The flexibility of the curriculum is also used by students desiring a performance-based course of study and to prepare for graduate school.

Bachelor of Arts, Music (Music Entrepreneurship Specialization)

This degree is designed for students who enjoy music but want a career option outside of performing or teaching music. The program prepares students for careers in music manufacturing, retail sales, music production, publishing, arts management, industry, and a variety of other fields. An on-the-job internship experience is included as part of the professional requirement for the degree.