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MLGS - About the Department

Mission Statement

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The Department of Modern Languages and Global Studies prepares globally-engaged citizens, conducts and disseminates research that advances our understanding of world languages, societies, and cultures, and shares this knowledge to benefit South Dakota, the nation, and the world.

Through rigorous language study and cross-cultural training, graduates can address the challenges of a diverse and changing world with creativity, adaptability, and empathy.  Faculty research crosses academic, disciplinary, and geographic boundaries to advance and disseminate knowledge about key global issues that are of vital importance to South Dakota and beyond.  As part of our Land Grant mission, the Department connects the university with the community and the world through its outreach.  We serve communities at home and abroad in areas such as linguistic and cultural competency, diversity and inclusion, and experiential learning.

See the university catalog for information about courses offered and specific requirements for our programs: