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Modern Languages & Global Studies

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SDSU’s Department of Modern Languages and Global Studies stands out, with faculty from Armenia, Colombia, France, Germany, Peru, Spain, and the U.S. We have specialists in linguistics, film studies, business communication, medical Spanish, translation, and literary and cultural studies of the Francophone, Germanic, and Spanish-speaking worlds. We offer Bachelor of Arts degrees and minors in French, German, Global Studies, and Spanish, as well as a Workplace Intercultural Competence certificate.

As a major or minor in our department, you will take a required core of courses in language study and then move on to specialized courses in linguistics, language for the professions (e.g., healthcare and business), literature, history, politics, and cultural studies. Coursework is designed in accordance with the national World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages. Focusing on real-world applications for the 21st century, our students meet national proficiency levels in both communication and culture. Students who study another language and culture as part of their undergraduate degrees are not only graduate school and career ready, they are also “world ready.” Many degrees prepare you for a specific job; a language degree prepares you for life in a globalized world.

Click on the fact sheets below to learn what you can do with a degree in languages or global studies in the 21st-century workplace.

Already had a few language classes? Check out these details regarding placement.

Global Studies Factsheet
Global Studies Factsheet
Modern Languages Factsheet
Modern Languages Factsheet