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Wellness Center COVID-19 Response & Updates

Fitness & Recreation Reopening Plan

As part of a gradual reestablishment plan, the SDSU Wellness Center will be reopening in a phased approach for SDSU students and current community members only. Limited hours began Monday, June 1, 2020. Additional amenities available on July 20, 2020. Operating hours will be:

  • Monday - Friday: 5-9 a.m., 11 a.m.-1 p.m., and 4-8 p.m.
  • Saturday: 7-9 a.m. and 12-5 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12-5 p.m.

Extensive precautions are being enacted to provide a safe environment so our members have an opportunity to resume an active lifestyle. Cleaning will be conducted during regular intervals throughout the day, as well as deep cleaning during facility closures. Wellness Center staff will follow CDC, as well as American College of Sports Medicine and American College Health Association guidelines.

Current Updates

Face Covering Protocol

Effective on August 1st South Dakota State University implemented a campus wide face covering protocol. This protocol requires all campus facility users to wear a face covering. For information regarding this protocol please visit the University's Face Covering Protocol Page.

The Miller Wellness Center's face covering protocol will be as follows:

Face coverings must be worn when:

  • Entering the facility
  • Transitioning through the facility
  • Exiting the facility

Face covering may be removed when:

  • You are under physical exertion
  • It is a situation where wearing a covering comprises your safety and welfare

Effective Monday August, 10th, any facility user who does not adhere to the protocols outlined above will not be granted access to the facility or will be asked to leave the facility.

Guidelines and expectations for patrons and staff to create a safe work-out environment:

  • Patrons experiencing a cough, fever, body aches or other COVID symptoms are not to use the facility until recovered.  Patrons who have had contact with someone exhibiting these symptoms are also asked to refrain from using the Wellness Center. 
  • All patrons are to use the northeast entrance only.
  • Clear plastic service windows will protect patrons and staff at all check-in locations.
  • Practice 6-foot social distancing guidelines at all times while circulating in the facility.
  • Equipment will be marked off, or moved, to adhere to appropriate social distancing.
  • The free-weight area will have individualized workout spaces indicated by floor markings.
  • An area for patrons with high-risk factors will be available and designated with signage.
  • Patrons will be directed to wipe or spray down equipment prior to, and after, each use.
  • Patrons are asked to complete their workout and depart the facility without any unnecessary socializing. 
  • At this time, no new members or short-term passes will be permitted.
  • Access to the climbing wall and pool will be phased in at a later date.
  • Limited in-person group fitness classes will be offered.
  • Locker rooms and showers will not be open in this initial phase; only the restroom components of these facilities will be accessible.

Additional information regarding best practices when using a fitness facility in a pandemic environment are available at on the American College of Sports Medicine website and the American College Health Association website.

Updated Waivers

All students and members will be required to sign a new waiver, which can be found on the Wellness Center portal or in the SDSTATE Wellness Center App. The waiver can also be signed during your first visit. 

Phase 2 Facilities Map

Courts 1-3 are currently closed due to painting. Upon completion, they will be available for use as an open space. However, the basketball goals will be raised and the soccer goals unavailable for use at this time.


Q: Which amenities are available?

A: Locker rooms & towel service, indoor track, court 4 for high-risk populations, MAC for limited group fitness classes, strength and cardio equipment throughout facility (some equipment will be unavailable, but will be alternated on a daily basis).

Q: Which amenities are not available?

A: Climbing wall, pool, courts 1-3, racquetball courts, fitness studios, drinking fountains (bottle fillers still available), communal mats,and  conference room.

Q: Who has access to the facility?

A: SDSTATE students and current Wellness Center members will have access during Phase I.

Starting on July 20, with Phase II, new memberships, guest passes, and multi-visit passes may be purchased. 

Q: Do all SDSU students have access?

A: All spring graduates, students enrolled in summer classes, and any student registered for the fall semester will get free access through August 19, 2020.

Q: What precautions should I take?

A: PPE, including masks are encouraged when entering the facility and moving through the facility, but not while exercising.  Users are highly encouraged to wipe off equipment before, and after use, for their own safety as well as the safety of other patrons.

Q: Are you limiting the amount of people in the building at one time?

A: Signage will be posted throughout the facility stating the number of people who will be allowed in one space at the same time. Benches and machines have been moved, and will be blocked off, to encourage social distancing. Floor markings will also assist in keeping an appropriate distance from other patrons.

Q: Will there be in-person group fitness classes?

A: Yes, a limited number of group fitness classes will be offered and will be held on the MAC. Participants will scan in at the Welcome Desk before entering the MAC through the vestibule near the conference room. A schedule for all classes can be found on the Group Fitness website.

Q: Do I need to preregister for group fitness classes?

A: No, there is no preregistration required for group fitness classes at this time. However, there are only nine spots available per class, which will be allotted on a first come, first served basis.

Q: Who do I contact for membership questions?

A: Please contact the Wellness Center’s general email for all membership questions. We may be contacted at or 605-688-5521.

Q: Will my membership be extended if I already paid in full?

A: Yes, annual memberships (paid in full) will be manually extended by 80 days (length of closure). If your membership expired during the closure, your membership will be extended by the number of days you had remaining starting on 6.1.20. Example: if your membership expired on 4.1.20, your membership will be extended by 18 days (from 6.1.20) and your new expiration date will be 6.18.20.

Q: When will EFT & payroll deductions be resumed?

A: Both EFT and payroll deductions were resumed in July and reflect your normal membership and locker rates.

Q: Can I use day or multi-visit passes to access the facility?

A: Yes. Beginning on July 20, day pass and multi-visit pass holders will be able to access the Wellness Center. 

Newly purchased multi-visit passes may only be used by one individual. Previously purchased multi-visit passes may continue to be used by multiple users, however, no new users may be added to a pass.

Q: Who can park in the parking lot?

A: All paid memberships come with one parking permit per user to be used in the NE Wellness Center lot.  There are designated spots marked for members to park when using the facility. In addition, students and employees with a commuter pass can park in the WC lot. Day pass users and multi-visit pass users will not receive a permit and are subject to ticketing.

Q: Where should I park if I don’t have a parking permit?

A: Non-permit holding users should park in the economy lot on the east side of the stadium to the south of UPD. Another option is to utilize the Union pay lot to the south of the Wellness Center. Parking is enforced M-F from 7am-4pm.

Q: Am I able to change in the locker rooms or shower after my workout?

A: As of July 1st student's and members may use the locker rooms to change and shower. Each locker room will have a maximum capacity. Lockers inside the locker rooms will remain locked and may only be used by those who are renting lockers. You may purchase a locker rental (includes towel service) at the Welcome Desk. Towel service without a locker is also available or an individual towel is $1. The restrooms in each of the locker rooms are also accessible.

Q: Am I able to use a locker in the locker rooms?

A. Locker room lockers are now for rent only. Lockers that are not currently rented will remain locked.

Q: Are day lockers available for use?

A: Day lockers will not be available for use, however, there are limited open cubbies throughout the facility in which you may store your personal belongings. It is highly encouraged that you bring as little as possible into the facility in order to complete your workout.

Q: Will I be able to check out equipment?

A: As of July 1st fitness equipment is available to be checked out. There will be no recreational equipment (basketballs, volleyballs, pickleball, etc.) checkout until further notice.

Q: Can I use the gym courts?

A: Courts 1-3 are currently closed due to painting and lighting updates. Upon completion, they will be available for use on a limited basis. Individuals and members of the same households may shoot around together at the same hoop, however, no game play will be allowed.

Courts will be set up for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and indoor tennis. Users must provide their own equipment.

Q: Is equipment checkout available?

A: Fitness equipment is available to check out, including fitness bands and weightlifting belts.

Balls, racquets, and other recreational equipment is not available for checkout at this time. Users are welcome to bring their own recreational equipment.

Q: When will the climbing wall open?

A: The climbing wall will remain closed for the summer, as it is has not been determined how to keep wall holds, and the wall itself, clean between users.

Q: When will the pool open?

A: The Wellness Center is planning on reopening the pool on August 4th. Hours will be:

  • Monday - Friday: 5:30-8:30am & 4:45-7:30pm

Academic year hours will begin Saturday, August 15th.

Q: Are you hosting birthday parties or external events?

A: We have postponed all birthday parties, as well as all facility reservation requests, at this time.

Q: Are you still offering fitness bundles or extended outdoor equipment rentals?

A: We are still offering spin bike and extended outdoor equipment rentals. These rentals are in addition to, and not included in, your membership.

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