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Intramural Sports Participant Handbook


The South Dakota State University Intramural Sports program is designed to provide students with opportunities to participate in various sport-related activities in a competitive and/or recreational capacity with other SDSU students.  The activities are meant to offer a level of participation that does not require the time commitments of practice, while still allowing participants to improve upon their physical fitness, social wellness, and self-image.

Participant Information

Injuries and Insurance

All participants in the Intramural Sports program do so on a voluntary basis.  Medical costs incurred by participants injured in intramural contests must be covered by the individual's personal insurance.  Medical service is provided by the Student Health Clinic, through which every regularly enrolled student is covered.  It is recommended that every participant be covered by a health insurance policy.

Sports Rules/Policy Changes

The Intramural Sports program office reserves the right to change and amend any policy or rule (general or sport-specific) as seen necessary.  Influencing factors may include participant safety, program needs, and incidents that are uncontrollable by nature.  The office also reserves the right to rule and make judgments on all interpretations pertaining to Intramural Sports rules, regulations, eligibility and disciplinary action.  Prior to doing so, the department will attempt to notify team captains.  The decision of the department is final.

Registration Fees

The Intramural Sports program only requires registration fees to be paid in the event that activity takes place away from campus as these events require the program to incur a cost for the facility space needed.  In these instances, the fees assigned are used solely to assist in covering the cost of the facility space.  These fees will be outlined for the participant at registration, and the fee must be paid in order to complete the team registration process.  In this instance, the fee may be paid through the FusionIM portal at the time of registration.  The IM office reserves the right to make changes to these prices as necessary.  Current activities requiring the payment of fees include:

  • Softball - Played at Southbrook Softball Complex
  • Broomball - Played at Larsen Ice Center
  • Bowling - Played at Prairie Lanes Bowling Alley
Inclement Weather

A scheduled game may be delayed, postponed, or canceled due to inclement weather in an effort to protect the safety of the participants/employees and the quality of our playing fields.  Participants/employees should not assume that games will be canceled due to rain or the possibility of weather.  A decision regarding the playing of games will be made by 3:00 pm on that day if possible.  Information on the status of games will be available by calling the Intramural Sports office or via push notification using the FusionGO app.  In the event that the Intramural Sports office closes for the evening, decisions regarding the continuation of intramural contests shall be made on the field by the IM Supervisor on duty.  Games that are canceled because of inclement weather may be rescheduled if time, space, and personnel are available. 

When the University is officially closed or classes are canceled due to weather conditions, all intramural sports, whether indoor or outdoor, will be canceled.  The games will be rescheduled at a later date, if possible.

Jewelry, Clothing & Equipment

Most jewelry is prohibited during IM play.  The only exception exists for medical or religious reasons.  Please check individual sport rulebooks for more specific rules to the individual sport.  Hard-billed caps are not allowed in any sport with the exception of softball.  Metal cleats are not permitted.  In all indoor sports, non-athletic shoes are not permitted.  Shirts are required in all sports unless the specific rules state otherwise.


All individual champions and members of championship teams are awarded the official Intramural Sports championship shirt.  Awards are distributed upon the completion of competition to all on-site rostered members of the championship team.  Additional shirts will not be given to team captains for members who are not in attendance.  For members who are not present, they may contact the Intramural Sports office to set up a time to pick up a shirt so long as they have met the minimum requirement of participation in at least one regular-season contest.

Check-in Procedure

All participants shall be required to show South Dakota State University ID to participate in all activities.  For participants who do not have access to a South Dakota State University ID (community members with active IM pass), a photo ID will suffice.


The regular season for all major team sports will be followed by a single-elimination tournament.  Qualifying teams will be determined on a sport by sport basis.  Completion of playoff brackets shall be done through the use of the Playoff Draft feature within FusionIM.  For more details, check the Playoff Draft page here:


All officiated intramural sports are officiated by SDSU students who are trained and evaluated over the course of the semester for each of the sports they officiate.  Those interested in becoming officials, please see the Wellness Center website or contact the IM Office for more details.

Intramural Team Names

It is the responsibility of the captain to submit a proper team name for their team.  The following guidelines have been established by the program for reviewing those names:

  • No vulgar language
  • No reference to alcohol or other drugs
  • No reference to sexually explicit, invasive, or violent activities
  • No discriminatory reference (race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, height, weight, marital status, handicap status, veteran, etc.)

The Intramural Sports office reserves the right to review and amend any team name deemed to violate this policy.  If a team's name is changed, the captain must contact the Intramural Sports office for any future name changes.


The Intramural Sports Schedule of Events poster is available to begin each semester.  This information can be found posted on campus in Larson Hall, The Barn, Frost Arena, the Wellness Center, and on digital reader boards throughout campus.  The schedule may also be found posted on the Wellness Center website at the following link:

Leagues & Divisions

Individual/Special Events

Individual/special event competition is conducted on either a single elimination, double elimination, consolation, or ladder basis with drawings made for tournament positions.  Participants must register via FusionIM.  Individual/special event activities are listed on the Intramural Sports Schedule posters.

Team Sports

Team intramural competition is conducted via a single/double elimination, consolation or round-robin format.  Team sports for each semester are listed on the Intramural Sports Schedule posters.


The following classifications are used in the Intramural Sports Program to maintain equity of competition whenever possible.  In the event that there are a limited number of teams in any of these leagues, the Intramural Sports office may reach out to find alternate methods of competition.

  • Men's:  This league will consist of teams created with male individuals who are currently enrolled South Dakota State University students, as well as Wellness Center members and non-members with a valid Intramural Sports pass.
  • Women's:  This league will consist of teams created with female individuals who are currently enrolled South Dakota State University students, as well as Wellness Center members and non-members with a valid Intramural Sports pass.
  • Co-Rec:  This league consists of teams comprised of both males and females.  The rules for play within this league may be adjusted (by individual sport) to encourage equal playing opportunities for both men and women.  This league is open to currently enrolled South Dakota State University students, as well as Wellness Center members and non-members with a valid Intramural Sports pass.
  • Open:  This league sets no requirements on the makeup of teams for competition.  Teams of all gender makeups participate in a single league. This league is open to currently enrolled South Dakota State University students, as well as Wellness Center members and non-members with a valid Intramural Sports pass. 

*Note:  Individuals may participate on at most one single-gender and one co-recreational team during a particular season.


Each league is broken into several divisions.  As the Intramural Sports program uses a set day-and-time block schedule for setting up competition, divisions are created for each of these time slots.  While teams will be guaranteed to be scheduled only during their requested time slot during the regular season, all divisions are combined for playoff competition.  During this time frame, teams may be scheduled during any available time that the program operates.


Each intramural team shall appoint a captain who will be responsible for matters that concern their Intramural Sports team.  

Captains' Meetings

Captains will be responsible for reviewing the Captain's Meeting PowerPoints for each sport he/she is wishing to create a team in. The PowerPoints highlight both the Intramural Handbook policies and the sport-specific rules for the selected sports. They can be accessed through the following link:

Captains' Quizzes

After reviewing the captain's meeting PowerPoints, captains must pass a quiz in order to create a team in their selected intramural sports activity. The quiz is taken online via FusionIM during the team registration process. A certain percentage score is required for a captain to have his/her team created. Captains will have an unlimited amount of attempts to pass the quiz. Certain questions may be required to be answered correctly regardless of the effect on the overall quiz score.

Captains' Responsibilities
  • The captain is responsible for the creation of their Intramural Sports team.  This includes:
    • Satisfactory Completion of Captains' Quizzes
    • Ensure the eligibility of all members on the team roster
    • Ensure all team members are on the roster
    • Payment of any off-campus team registration fees
  • The captain must attend, or send a representative, to all scheduled meetings that are set by the Intramural Sports office
  • Keep team members informed of all necessary regarding intramural sports participation, including scheduled contests, policies, and procedures
  • Payment of any forfeit fees assessed due to team not attending a scheduled contest in a timely fashion
  • Assisting the Intramural Sports staff to ensure fair play and sportsmanlike conduct
  • Representing their respective teams in cases of negotiations and/or protests


Who is eligible?

The Intramural Sports program is open to all South Dakota State University students as a perk of their Wellness Center membership.  Not a student?  No worries.  For faculty/staff, and community members, the Intramural Sports program offers the opportunity to purchase semester-participation passes.  Each of these passes will allow the individual the opportunity to participate in any and all programming from the Intramural Sports program.  

For Wellness Center members, the Intramural Sports pass costs $25 per semester.

For non-members, the Intramural Sports pass costs $75 per semester.

For single-day Special Events, a pass cost $10 per sport.

Purchase an Intramural Sports pass here. 

Varsity athletes are allowed to participate in the Intramural Sports program at the determination of their respective coaches.  That being said, they are not allowed to participate in sports similar to that which they are currently or have participated in on the varsity level for a minimum of one calendar year after the date of last participation regardless of institution.

Club Sport athletes may not make up more than one-half the number of players necessary to start an Intramural contest on an individual roster.

Example:  Outdoor Soccer requires 7 players to start a contest.  Any given roster may have no more than three soccer club members.

Professional Athletes may participate in any sport except the sport or sports in which they have competed at the professional level.  

Team Rosters

Players may participate on only one team in each individual sport offered by the Intramural Sports program unless that sport offers both single-gender and co-rec leagues concurrently.  In this situation, a participant may participate on one co-rec team and one single-gendered team.

A player declares their team affiliation by their first participation.  Any student who after playing on one team transfers to another and participates shall be declared ineligible.  Teams playing with an ineligible player shall forfeit all contests in which the ineligible player participated.

Any player using an assumed name or another participant's ID shall be suspended from participation in all Intramural activities.  If a participant willing allows another to use their ID, they will also be suspended.  The team shall also be banned from playoff participation.

Players may be added to a team's roster at any point during the season, provided they have not previously participated with another team in the same sport league.

Rosters are limited to a size of twice the participants needed to play the game under normal rules.  Example:  A 5v5 basketball game is played with 5 players on the floor.  The roster is limited to 10 players.

To compete in a contest, all participants must be listed on the team roster.  However, players may be added at the site of play by the supervisor should the team captain provide proof of membership and the participant not be on an additional roster.

For playoff eligibility, all rostered players must participate in at least one regular-season contest.  All participants who do not meet this requirement shall be "removed" from playoff eligibility.


The Intramural Sports office is not responsible for reviewing the eligibility of all members competing in the various activities.  

All individual participants will be required to check in with the supervisor or official prior to participation.  This must be done with SDSU Student/Staff ID or Picture ID and proof of IM pass purchase.

Rescheduling Games

  • Participants and team captains are responsible for obtaining schedules and all information contained within.
  • Schedules are posted for the regular season on FusionIM the Friday preceding the first day of play.
  • Schedules are subject to change based upon unforeseen circumstances; in the event that a change occurs which significantly alters a game time or location, the IM office will make their best effort to contact captains via phone, email, or push notification.
  • Onsite staff may assist, upon request, with verification of a contest date or time, but do not assume responsibility for informing teams of their playing times.

The scheduling of intramural events can create a number of unforeseen conflicts for a team or its individuals.  During regular-season contests, reschedules are not allowed as participants during registration self-select a single time slot to participate in.  As the IM office guarantees that regular season contests will be scheduled at the time specified only, it is the responsibility of the participant to avoid scheduling conflicts.

During playoff competition, the IM office works to attempt to ensure that scheduling conflicts created by the scheduling of multiple IM events are avoided.  However, this is not completely avoidable.  When this occurs, the IM office works to attempt to resolve viable conflicts with both teams involved.  If a conflict can't be avoided, teams may attempt to reschedule their contest according to the following procedure:

  1. The captain wanting to reschedule must contact the IM office to inquire about available dates and times to reschedule the contest.
  2. When a scheduling conflict involves only one team or individual, the opposing team may decide whether to reschedule the contest.
  3. If the opposing team or individual does not wish to reschedule, the game will be played at the date and time originally scheduled, defaulted, or forfeited.
  4. If both teams are agreeable to a reschedule, it must be rescheduled in accordance and agreement with the IM office and dependent upon availability of existing facility space and personnel.
  5. Such requests must be completed with the IM office a minimum of 48 hours prior to the originally scheduled contest.
  6. This reschedule process may only be completed during weekday office hours.  In the case of a game scheduled on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, the rescheduling process must be completed by 5:00 pm on the preceding Friday.
  7. Please note that there may be instances when games are unable to be rescheduled due to time and space limitations.  This especially applies to playoffs and tournaments where future games depend on the completion of prior games.

Forfeits & Defaults


Teams who do not appear at their scheduled contest by game time or are unable to produce enough eligible players to field a team (according to the rules of the particular sport) will be assessed a forfeit loss.  Team captains are responsible for providing enough players for their team so forfeits do not occur.  If extra players are needed, a list of Free Agents can be found on FusionIM web portal.  The IM office must be contacted as soon as possible if a team is forced to forfeit a contest.

Forfeit Time

Game time is forfeit time!  At game time, the clock timing the contest will be started.  At this time, the offended team is given the option to take the victory or wait up to 10 minutes for the opposing team to arrive to play the games.  Once the decision is made by the offended captain, it may not be reversed and the outcome of the contest shall stand.  Any time consumed by waiting for a team shall be taken off the time allotted for the contest.  (Check individual sport rules for specific forfeit policies)

If at game time, neither team has arrived, the officials shall start the game clock.  Upon the arrival of a team, the above procedure will occur.  Should neither team be ready during the allotted time frame, a double forfeit shall be assessed.

Special Events

For special events (weekend & one-day events), the same forfeit policy will be enforced.  If an individual or team plans not to show up for an event they originally signed up for, they will need to contact the IM office by the registration deadline (noon on the Friday preceding).  If this contact is not done and the individual/team forfeits, there will be a $10 forfeit fee assessed.

Forfeit Fee

Upon confirmation of a forfeit, the offending team shall be charged a forfeit fee of $25.  This fee must be paid by the offending team prior to their next participation.  After a forfeit occurs, the team captain will receive a notice indicating that this forfeit has occurred along with instructions to make payment.  To aid in ensuring that this fee is paid, ALL members of the offending team will be ineligible to participate in any intramural activity until ALL fees are paid.

Payment Instructions

Forfeit fees must be paid no later than noon on the day of the offending team's next scheduled game.  If a team does not pay the forfeit fee prior to their deadline, the team's next game will be administratively forfeited, the team will be removed from the league, and the team will be assessed an additional $25 forfeit fee.  Paying the fee does not cancel the forfeit.  The team will still forfeit playoff eligibility at the time of the original forfeit.  Teams are responsible for paying fees for games forfeited in the playoffs as well. If the fee is not paid within one month of the invoice, team members will face a Wellness Center facility suspension, barring them from entering the facility.

Upon confirmation of a forfeit, the following will occur:

  1. IM Supervisor will forfeit the offending team via FusionIM.  This will cause a notification to be sent to the opposing team as well as the IM office staff.
  2. Upon finalization of forfeit, the IM office staff will suspend all members of the offending team from all sports and an  invoice will be created for the captain to pay the $25 forfeit fee.  This invoice will be sent out via email to the captain.
  3. The captain has the option of using the link provided in the invoice to pay for the forfeit fee online using the Wellness Center Fusion portal OR to come into the Wellness Center to pay the forfeit fee.
  4. Upon payment of the forfeit fee, the IM office will remove suspensions and the team will regain eligibility. 

A default is a game that is not played and is recorded as a loss but is not considered a forfeit.  Should a team know in advance that they will be unable to field a team on a given night, they may contact the IM office to request a default.  The office must be notified of an intent to default no later than 3:00 pm on the business day of the contest, or before 3:00 pm on the Friday before a weekend event.  Notice may be given through FusionIM.

Only defaults handled in the above manner will be considered valid.

Teams losing by default will lose the contest but will maintain playoff eligibility and receive a 4.0 sportsmanship rating.  

Teams are allowed ONE (1) Default per sport season.  All others will be declared a Forfeit.

General Rules & Regulations


The protest procedure shall be utilized where a dispute arises over the interpretation of a rule or the eligibility of a player on the opposing team.  To be valid, the protest must be registered verbally with an official and the supervisor at the time that the incident occurs.  The official will record all game conditions present at the time the protest is filed (score, time remaining, the period of play, and events surrounding the protest) on the protest form.  If the dispute is not resolved at this time, the game will then continue "under protest".  If the officials are not notified of the protest before or during the game, no protest will be allowed.  Written support of the protest must be presented in the IM office prior to noon the following day.  If the protest occurs on Friday or the weekend, the information must be in by noon the following Monday.  If this procedure is not followed, the protest will be voided and the incident closed.

  • Protests concerning the misinterpretation of a rule or participant eligibility are allowed.  However, the judgment of an official is not valid grounds for a protest.
  • Eligibility concerns must be brought immediately at the point of notice, rather than at the conclusion of the contest.  These concerns may be detected and enforced at any time during the season and/or playoffs.
  • Participants, officials, supervisors, and IM staff may detect ineligible players.
  • Games altered by a valid protest will be replayed, if possible, from the point at which the protest was registered.
  • The IM office Pro Staff will rule on all protests.
Sportsmanlike Conduct

As the IM program and the Wellness Center at large are supported by the many students who make up our staff, which is indispensable, they should be treated with the utmost respect by all of our participants.  Under no circumstances will behavior which runs contrary to this be allowed.  This includes:

Threats of physical abuse Verbal abuse of staff


Participants or organizations that are suspended from IM participation due to violations of IM policy are encouraged to participate in the hearings held to ensure the protection of their rights.  Should they decline, a decision will be made regarding their status in their absence.

  • Spectator abuse.  The fan is the responsibility of the team they are observing.  The expectation is that these teams will work with the IM staff to keep them under control.  Their behavior may result in disciplinary action taken against the team participating.
  • Player actions which result in ejection from competition.  These incidents will come with a minimum of a 1-game suspension as well as a need to discuss further participation with the IM office Pro Staff.  
  • Fighting or inciting actions, whether physical or verbal, will result in an automatic suspension.  
  • Use of illicit/banned substances.  Use of these substances with subsequent participation in the IM program is expressly forbidden.  Should IM staff suspect an individual whether participating or spectating to be under the influence of an illicit substance, the individual will be asked to vacate the premises.  Should the individual refuse or act in a disruptive manner, the University Police Department or Brookings Police Department will be contacted and the matter will be turned over to them.
  • Severe cases of misconduct may be referred to the University Police Department and/or the Office of Community Standards for possible University action.


Sportsmanship Rating System

The Intramural Sports program is committed to providing a safe, fair, and enjoyable environment for its participants at all times. Unsporting behavior occasionally interferes with this goal. For this reason, the Sportsmanship Rating System is in place to ensure that the program is able to provide this experience at all times.

Method of Rating

Each team shall be rated on their sportsmanship by the officials, scorekeepers, and supervisors observing the contest.  The rating is noted on the scoresheet at the conclusion of the contest prior to the captain's signatures.  Teams should not question the officials about the ratings and should instead contact the IM office if they have questions regarding their assigned rating.

General Rating Criteria

"4" Excellent Rating:  Players cooperate fully with the officials and supervisor(s).  An open and calm rapport exists between the captain and the officials.  The captain has full control of his/her teammates and spectators.  Some question of judgment or rule interpretation with minimal complaints.

"3"  Good Rating (Minimum Playoff Standard):  Some players dissent verbally with the officials' decisions, but in general, the captain and players cooperate well with the officials and supervisor(s).  The captain has good control of the team and spectators.  Good game, but not perfect.  Repeated question of judgment or complaints by the team.

"2"  Average Rating:  Players are more verbal in disagreeing with officials' calls.  The captain may have failed to control his/her team.  The highest rating a team may achieve with one unsportsmanlike call in softball, volleyball, flag football, a yellow card in soccer; and a technical foul in basketball.

"1"  Poor Rating:  Dissent is open among team members.  Team players argue with officials and/or themselves.  The captain fails to assist the officials in game control.  Consistent harassment of officials.  The highest rating a team can achieve with 2 unsportsmanlike conducts, technical fouls (not on the same participant), or yellow cards.

"0"  Unacceptable Rating:  The team displays little or no sportsmanship.  A team causing a game to be terminated due to unsporting behavior will receive a "0" rating.  Use of an ineligible player will automatically result in a "0" rating.  Captains of teams receiving a "0" must meet with the IM Pro Staff.  The outcome of the meeting will determine future league participation.  Includes threatening an employee.  Forfeit includes any game in which a team is ejected for fighting and/or 3 unsportsmanlike penalties or technical fouls in a game.  This is also the sportsmanship rating received if a team forfeits a contest.

Sportsmanship Notes

The sportsmanship rating is used not only during the regular season but also during all playoff competitions.  Any team receiving less than a "3" average for the regular season shall be excluded from the playoffs, regardless of record.  Any team, who during the playoffs, receives lower than a "3' sportsmanship for any round shall be removed from further playoff consideration regardless of contest result.

Any team that forfeits a contest, whether due to not having the minimum required to begin a game, or due to unsporting behavior, shall receive a "0" for the contest in question.  Any team which receives a "0" sportsmanship rating at any point shall be removed from playoff consideration.