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Fusion IM Playoff Draft

The Playoff Draft Process

So you've qualified for the playoffs?  Congratulations on making it through the regular season and qualifying.  For more information on how the playoff draft system works, please read below.

Playoff Eligibility

Playoff formats and brackets are set by the IM Office at the conclusion of the regular season.  Remember, to be eligible for the playoffs, you/your team must meet ALL of the following minimum requirements:

  • 3.0 Sportsmanship Rating
  • NO Forfeits
  • No More than One Default
  • No Outstanding Issues with the IM Office prohibiting participation

Draft Details

  1. You will receive an email from Fusion IM ( that includes details of the draft (date, time, format) and a link to the bracket.
  2. You will have three (3) minutes to make your selection.  During this time, no other team will be able to make a selection.
  3. If you miss your selection window, you must wait until all on-time selections have been made to choose your position.
  4. Make sure to look at the entire path of the bracket.  You want to ensure that should your team advance, you are able to make as many of the games scheduled as possible.
  5. If you fail to pick your spot by the time the draft is finalized, the spot will be automatically selected for you.
  6. The draft order has been set by the IM Office based upon the following criteria:
    1. Win-Loss Record
    2. Sportsmanship
    3. Point Differential
    4. Points Against

Using the Playoff Draft

Logging In

  1. Log in to your Fusion IM account as you normally would.  Please Note:  ONLY THE CAPTAIN may select the team's spot in the bracket.
  2. The draft can be accessed via the link provided or through the "My Teams" option under Fusion IM.
    My Teams link on Fusion Portal Page under Fusion IM
  3. Once in the "My Teams" section, click on your team name, highlighted at the upper left hand corner of your Team Card.
My Teams Section Screenshot

The Draft

  1. After clicking on your team name, the following screen will appear.
    1. Click on the button that says "Go to Draft".
      Go to Draft Link under My Teams
    2. You may also use the link in the email notification you received to access the bracket.
  2. Once in the draft, you will view one (1) page that has a lot of details.
    Playoff Draft Screen
  3. On the upper left hand side of the screen, you can view:
    1. The teams that are on the clock for choosing their spot.
    2. A list of teams that are in the draft.
    3. The Draft start time.
    4. A countdown to the start of the draft.
  4. On the upper right hand side of the screen, you can view:
    1. Draft Details
      1. Draft Type
      2. Rules of the Draft
      3. Projected End Time
    2. Live Feed of the Draft
      1. Completed Picks
      2. Missed Picks
      3. Draft Finalization
  5. The playoff bracket will appear at the bottom of your screen.
    Sample Playoff Draft Bracket
    1. View each game date and time to strategically choose your team's position in the bracket.
    2. You can also view potential matchups.
  6. Picking your bracket spot
    1. To pick your spot, simply click in the slot you wish to enter your team.
    2. Once in the desired spot, your draft responsibilities have been completed.
  7. Once all teams have chosen, the IM Office will finalize the draft and the brackets will be complete.