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Creating a team with Fusion IM

How to access Fusion IM

  1. Visit or click the image below.
    Fusion Portal Homepage
  2. Click Campus Login to log in using your SDSU username and password. (Use MyState credentials)
    Fusion Portal Login page
SDState Login Page

Creating a Team

  1. Once logged into the Fusion portal, click on the Fusion IM icon and a menu will appear.
    Fusion IM Registration Link
  2. Click "Register" and this screen will appear
    Fusion IM League Registration List
  3. Use the filters on the right to choose the season, sport, and league you wish to play in.  As you filter through these options, the available times will appear.  You may also filter your options at the top by choosing the day and time that works best for you.
  4. Once you have determined which division you want to play in, click on the division.
  5. This screen will appear.  Click the "Register button on the right.
    Fusion IM League Registration Page
  6. You will then choose to register as a "Player" or a "Team".
    Player and Team Registration Options
    1. Registering as a player will allow you to join a team that is already created or you may join as a "Free Agent"
      Player Registration Option
    2. Registering as a "Team" will allow you to create an entire team to play in the sport, league, day, and time that you selected.
      Team Registration Page
  7. When you select "Team", this screen will appear.
    Team Registration Page Enlarged
    1. Name your team
    2. Select if you wish to play on the team or not
    3. Click submit
  8. After you have submitted your team information, you will then need to read, sign, and submit the waiver.
    IM Waiver Page
  9. When your team is created, the following screen will appear
    Team Page
  10. To invite and add players to your roster, choose the "Pending Roster" tab.  Here you can add and invite players to your roster be entering their Jacks email address or their Student ID number.
    Pending Roster Tab
  11. You can also browse "Free Agents" in this screen as well.  The "Browse Free Agents" tab will allow you to see people interested in playing each sport, as well as their preferred days and times of play.