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Cadet Troop Leadership Training

CTLT is a four week leadership experience conducted at units in the Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, and Europe. Students are placed in charge of a regular Army platoon of approximately 35 soldiers. The student's objective is to perform the leadership and management tasks necessary to train the platoon's soldiers and maintain it's equipment.

While in CTLT, Cadets continue to receive a rate of pay and allowances equivalent to that received at Advanced Camp. Transportation to and from the unit is provided. In addition, Cadets stay in the Bachelor Officer Quarters and eat meals in the unit's dining facilities.

The experiences, insights and firsthand knowledge received will better prepare the cadet for his/her future as an officer. To attend CTLT a Cadet must:

  • Have successfully completed Advanced Camp training.
  • Be selected by the Professor of Military Science.

This is the best way to "check out" a branch before selecting the one to which you would like to be assigned in the fall of your senior year.