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How to Add a Page to the Menu


Steps to Add a Page to the Menu

  1. Login to
  2. At the black toolbar at the top of the page (admin menu), Click Manage, then Structure.
  3. Click Menus, then click List Links next to Secondary Navigation.
  4. At the top of the page, beneath the name and admin name fields, Click Add link. This will take you to the new menu link form.

Now that we are ready to add a page menu link, here are the most important steps.

  1. Menu link title: Fill in a menu title (this is what shows in the menu in the edit and to the public site visitors)

  2. Link: Start typing the name of the page you want to link into the Link field. An autocomplete should show you a list of pages that have words matching your page name.

    1. if there are too many results, change the title of your page (temporarily) to something more unique, then back when this new menu link creation process is completed. This allows you to find the page quickly if its name is generic. You will need to refresh the link creation page at this point.
    2. if this link is to an external site, i.e. not to /nameofpage on the sdstate site, type the full url, including http://www
    3. if this is a link to a page on the site that already has a menu, and needs to remain in that menu as well, be sure to type the relative url, i.e. /urltopage/something
  3. Parent Link: Select the parent link. (this is what gives the page its proper child status, i.e. it shows up in University Marketing & Communication’s menu, underneath a page or etc. Be sure to find the exact page this link should be beneath.)
    1. check the box "Show menu link tree”
    2. hit ctrl-f or cmd-f(Mac) to search for the parent link name. A box should appear in the browser with a search field. Start typing the name of the page you want your page to be underneath/a child of. Select it from the list by clicking it.
    3. uncheck the “Show menu link tree” box
  4. Save the new link.

Important Considerations

  • This particular task requires more steps than a majority of the tutorials. 
  • If the link will have other pages beneath it, be sure to check the field "Show as expanded." This will allow the menu link to have a dropdown for the other pages beneath from any other page in that menu.