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Meet our People

When we start college, what are we really looking for? What are we trying to do? Are we here because our parents made us? Maybe. Are we trying to figure out who we are and where we are going? Probably. Are we trying to contribute and impact those around us? Likely.

But what are we all really seeking? Connection. Connection with places, experiences and people. That desire for connection is not unique. Rather, something that, in one way or another, expands to each and every person. The pull that brought you to State is something that cannot be ignored. There are so many opportunities that lie within this university, waiting to be unwrapped by you.

As a student, you are honored, respected and looked upon as the turn-key to new knowledge waiting to be discovered. Through research, study abroad, student groups, and much more, you have the opportunity to lead the way. Peers, professors, mentors and advisers will guide you through your educational journey at State.

South Dakota State's culture encompasses community, acceptance, welcoming warmth, forward motion and an expanding sphere of diverse people who are interested in how the world works, and want to dig in. When you graduate, we want you to know that your life is in your hands, and the possibilities are endless. Pick a star and shoot. Be great. Start here.