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Student Organizations

The Mechanical Engineering Department is home to student branches of several professional societies.  Students are invited and encouraged to attend meetings and events sponsored by these organizations.  Don't wait until you're a senior to get active!  Joining one or more of these student organizations provides the student member with a number of benefits and opportunities, including networking with fellow students, practicing engineers and faculty members.  Student members usually receive the society's monthly journal as well as reduced prices on publications and services.  Student memberships are typically very inexpensive.

You will not regret the time you invest in student organization activities.  Check out the links below and watch for meeting and activity announcements posted in the halls of Crothers Engineering Hall.  

  • ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineering
  • ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers (including the Human Powered Vehicle competition team)
  • SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers (including the Formula SAE and Baja SAE competition teams)
  • PTS - Pi Tau Sigma
  • HPV - Human Powered Vehicle Competition
  • SWE - Society of Women Engineers
  • EWB - Engineers Without Borders
  • BMES - Biomedical Engineering Society
  • Robotics Club
Mars 3D Printer Team