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UniWest US-454A Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Instrument

UniWest US-454A Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Instrument

 This system can be used for detection of surface and near surface defects in conductive materials. It can also be used to: verify material properties including hardness, case depth and pattern, and retained austenite: identify material mix and correct alloy; and confirm as-forged or as-cast conditions prior to heat treatment. METLAB uses this machine for both research and testing for our clients. Contact us to discuss your project by email or phone: 605-688-4300


Test Space

Power: Lithium ion rechargeable battery packs plus a universal power supply and power cable Display: X/Y impedance plane, o-scope (sweep), and waterfall Display mode: Selectable including strip chart and impedance plane, shown individually or together Frequency range: 20 Hz to 15 MHz Probe Types : Absolute, differential, reflection and differential reflection Alarm Gates : Rectangular, elliptical, high and low bar dual, and single


Key Features :

  • Settings: Continuously variable control knob for selecting and changing instrument settings
  • Quick Keys: Display, erase, clear, null, and enter keys
  • Programmable Quick Keys: Push button function keys
  • Quick Keys: Display, erase, clear, null, and enter keys
  • Display: Eddy current impedance plane, with 1, 2, 3, or 4 frequencies, grid, background and signal color selectable
  • Data recording: All frequencies allowable (length of recording dependent on sample rate and number of frequencies)
  • Encoder: Two inputs for position stamping of data
  • Motion Control: Pulse on position input for motion control application
  • Data Transfer: Removable storage card or Ethernet for instrument control along with time/position stamped date transfer to client computer
  • Resolution: 16 bit resolution digital data


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