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Proto Manufacturing LXRD Residual Stress Measurement System


The LXRD features a unique Modular Goniometer System (patent pending) that offers the operator flexibility. The LXRD demonstrates measurement speed unsurpassed by any other residual stress analysis system. Measurements can be performed in as little as few seconds, and after initial setup, can generate compelling data. METLAB uses this machine for both research and testing for our clients. We also have an electro-polishing unit for sample preparation. Contact us to discuss your project by email or phone: 605-688-4300


  • X-Ray Tubes:METLAB has Cr, Cu, Mn
  • Filters: K
  • Apertures: "Snap in" style apertures can be changed in seconds
  • Safety: Independent warning light beacons for "x-ray on" and "shutter open" X-ray protective glass for "zero x-ray emission from enclosure"

METLAB has the following accessories :

  • Alignment Scope
  • Elastic Constant Determination
  • 4 Peak Retained Austenite Measurement (Manual or Automated)

Manufacturer's Website :

PROTO Manufacturing