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Olympus i-SPEED 3 High Speed Camera

Olympus i-SPEED 3 High Speed Camera

METLAB has two Olympus high speed cameras (one color and one monochrome) that allow for slow-motion playback and scientific analysis of transient phenomena which occur too fast for normal video equipment to capture. It can be used in lab environments or out in field/industrial settings. The camera software allows the footage to be saved as a raw cine for later analysis or conversion to various video and image formats. Lighting is one of the most important issues for high speed cameras. Color works well for outdoor situations. Engineering/process related investigations work well with monochrome as these areas are often difficult to light. METLAB uses this machine for both research and testing for our clients. Contact us to discuss your project by email or phone: 605-688-4300


Key Features : 

  • Resolution:
  • Sensor: 1280 x 1024 pixel CMOS sensor
  • Image Bit Depth: 10-bit
  • Pictures per Second: Full sensor 2000pps
  • Imagery Control: Controller Display Unit or P.C.
  • Memory: 4096MB = 4 seconds, 4000 images
  • Analytical Playback: Immediate playback of video. Variable playback speed in forward or reverse, including freeze frame & endless loop.
  • Measurements: Onboard analysis function enabling measurement of distance, speed, acceleration, angle and angular velocity


Manufacturer's Website:

Olympus Corporation