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Material test equipment performing a test on a metal bar

Materials Evaluation and Testing Laboratory

METLAB's Mission

The Materials Evaluation and Testing Laboratory (METLAB) in the College of Engineering at South Dakota State University (SDSU) will focus on research, analysis and development of materials, testing equipment and techniques. The lab's research reaches beyond SDSU to the state of South Dakota and the Upper Midwest.

Nondestructive and destructive evaluation and testing methods are used in a wide spectrum of complex applications. Nondestructive methods include, but are not limited to: high speed video, borescope, metal alloy analyzer, ultrasonic and phased array, acoustic emissions, electromagnetic, magnetic particle, dye penetrant and radiographic testing. Destructive methods include, but are not limited to: static and dynamic material testing systems, hardness testers and microscopy systems.

METLAB's Goals

  • To act as a focus point for research and development for materials testing, nondestructive evaluation and failure analysis in the state of South Dakota.
  • To contribute to world-class research and establish international relationships with similar centers in the world.
  • To develop human resources in the advanced technologies of materials testing and nondestructive testing and evaluation and provide research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.
  • To perform basic and applied science and engineering research in the area of materials testing and to work in partnership with local and regional industries and U.S. government departments and agencies.
  • To develop platforms for testing of sensors and development of micro-electronic control systems for various applications.
  • To provide a test bed for prototyping and generation of new technologies.
  • To establish a hub for technology transfer to local industries and the U.S. Department of Defense.