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Who Hires Our Graduates?

What career fields do our graduates enter?

Data Science
Financial Mathematics
Mathematics Teacher

Actuarial Science

Computational Science
Statistics Professor
Operations Research

These are just some of the great career fields our recent graduates have entered. Math majors are in demand for nationally-top-rated careers year after year. Just check out these career rankings from 20192018, 201720162015 and 2014. The SDSU Mathematics and Statistics Department is among the very best at preparing students for these top-rated careers.

Where have our recent graduates gone after graduation? In addition to heading off to a wide variety of graduate and professional schools, the organizations where our recent graduates are pursuing rewarding careers are listed below.


Who has hired our recent graduates?

Business and E-Commerce

Finance and Government

Health Care

Precision Ag

Research and High Tech

Higher Education

K-12 Education

  • Brookings High School
  • Harrisburg High School
  • Huron High School
  • Mitchell High School
  • New Ulm High School
  • Pierre High School
  • Rapid City Central
  • Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School
  • Sioux Valley High School
  • Tea Area High School
  • Vermillion High School
  • Watertown High School