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Undergraduate Program

Strong fundamentals + flexible advanced study options = great career!

The SDSU Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree program provides an outstanding educational and pre-professional experience to students interested in any of the wide range of excellent career or graduate school choices available in the mathematical sciences. The program gives students a strong background in core areas of university-level mathematics during the first two years of study, after which four flexible, specialized paths are available.

The B.S. in Mathematics degree program curriculum

The curriculum is organized into three cores: the General Education Core, the Mathematics Core, and the Professional Core.

  • The General Education Core is required of all SDSU students independent of major. This 34 credit core exposes the student to coursework in written and oral communication, natural and social sciences, humanities and the arts, mathematics, information literacy, natural resources, wellness, and social responsibility.
  • The Mathematical Sciences Core is required of all mathematics majors. This group of 36 credits provides the strong background in fundamentals needed by all practitioners of the mathematical sciences independent of specialty.
  • The Professional Core is a flexible 50 credit group of advanced elective courses designed in close consultation between student and advisor with the student's professional and/or graduate education goals in mind. The department provides four well-defined options that the student may use for the Professional Core, but considerable flexibility is available for those who wish to construct a program unique to their interests and professional goals. Follow the links at the right or left to learn more about these options.