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Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Courses that are offered every semester


MATH 101  Intermediate Algebra
MATH 103 Mathematical Reasoning  (and Math 093 Lab)
MATH 114 College Algebra  (and Math 094 Lab)
MATH 115 Precalculus
MATH 120 Trigonometry
MATH 121/L Survey of Calculus & Lab
MATH 123 Calculus I (and Math 123L Lab)
MATH 125 Calculus II
MATH 225 Calculus III
MATH 250 Introduction to Linear Algebra and Proof
MATH 253 Logic, Sets,and Proof

MATH 315 Linear Algebra
MATH 316 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 321 Differential Equations
MATH 331 Advanced Engineering Math
MATH 401 S01 Senior Capstone I
MATH 401 S02 Senior Capstone II
MATH 413 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 425 Real Analysis I
STAT 281 Introduction to Statistics
STAT 381 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Courses that are offered on a rotating basis

 MATH 230 Sophomore Seminar  X   X 
 MATH 245 Math for Primary Grades I   X   X
 MATH 261 Geometry for Teachers  X   X 
 MATH 345 Math for Primary Grades II  X   X 
 MATH 355 Math Ed Methods  X   X 
 MATH 371 Technology for Math Ed   X   X
 MATH 374 Scientific Computation I   X   X
 MATH 415 Advanced Linear Algebra  X   X 
 MATH 433 Capstone-Math Ed   X   X
 MATH 434 Assessment in STEM Education   X   X
 MATH 440 Math of Finance   X   
 MATH 450 History of Mathematics   X   X
 MATH 471 Numerical Analysis I  X   X 
 MATH 475 Operations Research I  X   X 
 STAT 101 Introduction to Data Science  X   X 
 STAT 382 Probability  X    X 
 STAT 383 Geospatial Data Analysis   X   X
 STAT 410 SAS Programming I    X    X
 STAT 414 Introduction to R (1 credit)   X   X
 STAT 415 R Programming (3 credits)   X   X
 STAT 435 Applied Bioinformatics   X   X
 STAT 441 Statistical Methods II   X   X
 STAT 442 Exploratory and Cloud Based Data Analysis  X   X 
 STAT 445 Nonparametric Statistics   X   X
 STAT 451 Predictive Analytics I   X   X
 STAT 453 Applied Bayesian Statistics  X   X 
 STAT 460 Time Series Analysis  X   X 
 STAT 482 Mathematical Statistics   X   X

Courses offered upon demand or as Independent Study

MATH 361 Modern Geometry
MATH 411 Theory of Numbers
MATH 414 Abstract Algebra II
MATH 426 Real Analysis II
MATH 435 Complex Variables