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Updates from SDSU Mathematics Courses

Math 101 Intermediate Algebra  10/4/19 

This week in Math 101 we will be factoring polynomials using factoring patterns for the difference of squares, the difference of cubes and the sum of cubes. We will also be factoring perfect square trinomials.  Because students have unlimited tries on each of their homework problems, it is important to try to get 100% on all homework assignments.  Using the study plan to do extra homework problems is also a good idea if the assigned homework problems seem difficult or hard to recognize.

Math 114 College Algebra    10/15/19

Exam 2 is right around the corner!! Students should begin to prepare now. A large portion of Exam 2 will be over Quadratic Functions. Our students know how to (1) solve equations involving quadratic expressions using three methods, (2) graph quadratic functions, and (3) apply/interpret quadratic mathematical models (story problems).  Ask your student about the zero product principle!  Other topics include Exponents, Inequalities, Radical Equations, and Composite Functions. I suggest students begin studying for Exam 2 immediately. A good goal is to be ready for the Exam by next Wednesday. That will leave Thursday to relax and lightly review. The Exam is Friday 10/25 at 6:30 am. Please encourage your student to visit with me in my office to ensure a good study plan.

Math 115 PreCalculus    10/11/19

This week in Math 115 we took Exam 2. Exams should be graded and scores recorded in WebAssign by early next week! Exams 2 & 3 are traditionally the more difficult exams of the semester. Now would be a great time to take advantage of all the extra help available, if you haven’t already done so … supplemental labs, homework help sessions, and free one-on-one tutoring! Next week we will get back into our regular routine of module homework being due Friday at beginning of class time, and then spending class time Friday taking our module quiz.

Math 121 Survey of Calculus    10/10/19

Test 2 was last week, so students have a good idea of how the class is going for them at this point – especially since Test 2 was completely over calculus material (where Test 1 included quite a bit of algebra review).  The midterm of the semester is this Friday, so we are almost halfway through fall semester already!  Students who currently have below 70% in the class will see a deficiency grade marked in Banner.  Math 121 and Math 121L are not separate classes (although they appear that way in students’ schedules), so if a student has a deficiency it will show up both in Math 121 and 121L on their profile.  Students at 70% or above will not see any grade marked at midterm on Banner.  Students can always see their exact current percentage in their MyMathLab gradebook.  This week we continue to use our knowledge gained in the last unit on derivatives to focus on applications of the derivative – particularly relating to concavity and absolute maximums and minimums of various functions. 

Math 123 Calculus I     10/11/19

This week in Math 123 we finished our unit on derivative rules, including a section on applications of the derivative: related rates! Since we’ve finished our unit 2 material, that means Exam 2 is very near … Friday, October 18th at 6:30 AM! A review outline has been posted to D2L to help guide you in preparing for this exam. You should be hearing the same message from your instructor and your math mentor … start preparing for Exam 2 this weekend! A little bit of time spent studying each day for a week is much better than a lot of time spent just the day before an exam.