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Updates from SDSU Mathematics Courses

Math 101 Intermediate Algebra - 2/3/20

This week in Math 101 we will be looking at linear equations in point-slope form and adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing functions. The last two topics we will cover are solving inequalities and solving intersections and unions of sets. Our first 100 point Exam is coming up next week on February 12 and I would encourage students to start studying this week! Study especially to recognize problems you may see on the exam and know what that first step will be in order to answer the question. Students are still encouraged to register for Jacks LeaP even if the current mentoring time does not work for them. This may also be a good week to check out the free one-on-one tutoring available on Jacks LeaP! There are also a few students who need to come to my office in AME 232 for a flash visit. 

Math 103 Mathematical Reasoning - 2/21/20

In Math 103 this week, we talked about probabilities and logic problems. For example, we talked about the "Game Show" problem where students had to figure out whether they should pick another curtain or stay with their original selection when there was a car behind one curtain and goats behind the others. They also got M&M's or Skittles and found the probability of getting a red one and compared it to the information the company gave. They also found probabilities by looking at a table where some patients got a new drug, placebo, or were in a control group where some had improved and others had not. They are also working on creating an activity over one of the units of their own choosing that we won't have a chance to cover. 

Math 114 College Algebra - 2/21/20

The next two weeks in College Algebra will be crucial for success on Exam 2 (March 20th). We have already covered Inequalities, Exponents, and Complex (or Imaginary) Numbers. We are now taking a close look at Quadratic (2nd Degree) Functions, which will be heavily emphasized on the Exam. We will be looking at both graphical and algebraic solutions as well as many applications. I absolutely love the Zero Product Principal. Ask your student about it. Please encourage your student to utilize our LeaP mentors, the Math Help Center, and office hours. Working with students in my office is always a highlight to my week. I hope everyone can build strong skills and confidence BEFORE Spring Break.

Math 115 PreCalculus - 2/21/20

This week in Math 115 we started learning about exponentials and logarithms. We were able to work in groups to explore for ourselves how exponentials and logarithms work. Exam 2 is only one week from Monday … March 2nd at 6:30 AM! Instructors will be posting a review outline for Exam 2 to D2L. Another great tool for studying for Exam 2 is to attend Wednesday’s supplemental lab!

Math 121 Survey of Calculus - 2/3/20

We’ve just finished up our first unit including some algebra review and work on limits. Our first test is on Wednesday, 2/5 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in Rotunda D. One change students have noticed between high school and college level mathematics is that they typically need to prepare more for tests. There are review materials posted on D2L and we will also be reviewing some in class on Tuesday. The absolute best way to study for a math test/quiz is to try problems without looking at notes – and then check your work, redo if necessary, and ask for help on things that are still unclear. The instructors are more than happy to help with extra questions while studying – and the Tuesday Supplemental Labs are a great resource for more practice problems, review problems and extra credit too! After Test 1 we’ll start Chapter 4 where we’ll learn more efficient ways of finding derivatives and how to find derivatives of more complicated functions. Now that we are out of the algebra review sections most of the weekly labs will be more focused in terms of applications – meaning that different groups will have different lab problems. Some groups will have applications more focused towards business, economics, entrepreneurship, management and the social sciences. Other groups will have applications more focused towards biology, animal science, pharmacy and the biological sciences. One of the goals in this class is for students to be able to see the relevance and be able to apply the content to their specific field of study. It’s also not too late to join in the Tuesday Supplemental Labs -- the schedule of the available SLs is posted on D2L.

Math 123 Calculus I - 2/21/20

This week in Math 123 we continued learning about derivative rules, including the most useful chain rule! We took Proficiency Exam 2 and scores should be available in WebAssign. Retakes will be available every day next week … check your email for exact times and locations!

Math 125 Calculus II - 2/21/20

This week in Math 125 we finished up our discussion on volumes of rotation. We started looking at other applications of integration, such as work, and we will continue exploring further applications of integration going into next week. Don’t forget about your last retake opportunity on Monday for Proficiency Exam 2!