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Mission and Student Learning Objectives

The Department of Mathematics is committed to the following Mission Statement and our student's achievement of these learning objectives.

Mission Statement

The mission of the SDSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics is to provide a rich, inclusive environment which fosters excellent student centered instruction and engagement in high-quality research and scholarly activity. The department provides mathematical and statistical services and prepares graduates that improve the quality of life in South Dakota, the region, the nation and the world.

Student Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the mathematics major, students will be able to:


  1. Apply concepts and methods from Calculus and Linear Algebra. 
  2. Analyze, evaluate and create mathematically rigorous arguments.  
  3. Use contemporary mathematical, statistical and educational software and technology to create models, analyze data or explain concepts as appropriate for student’s focus.


  1. Work as part of a team to solve a complex mathematical or statistical problem. 
  2. Demonstrate mathematical independence by critically reading, understanding and re-explaining mathematical, statistical or mathematics pedagogy resources. 
  3. Communicate complex mathematical, statistical or mathematics pedagogical ideas clearly and succinctly both in writing and verbally as appropriate for student’s focus. 


  1. Exhibit strength in at least one career-focused or graduate school preparatory area of mathematics or statistics. 
  2. Understand and appreciate the contributions to the field of mathematics and statistics by a diverse group of individuals and how the student fits and works in this group.