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Data Science Specialization (includes Statistics Minor)

Data Science – It's the Hottest Career in the Nation Today!

Business and technology publications are raving about data science, rating it as the top career in the nation.  Demand for data scientists is high and predicted to grow.  Salaries are high and going higher.  Best of all, the work data scientists do is important, meaningful, and high impact.

So what do data scientists do, anyway?

Put simply, data scientists use powerful quantitative methods to turn raw data into useful information. In business, data scientists' ability to meaningfully interpret mountains of data makes them essential members of decision making teams. Few significant government policy decisions occur without substantial input from data scientists. In science, data scientists are involved in every step of the scientific process from the initial experimental design through the analysis and interpretation of data to the communication of the results. The same is true in medical research and health care.

Can SDSU prepare me for a career in data science?

Absolutely. We have strong undergraduate and graduate data science programs. Our data science faculty are excellent teachers, and have active research programs that feature extensive undergraduate and graduate student involvement.

The Data Science Specialization coursework automatically leads to obtaining the Minor in Statistics.
Here are some examples of what you might do as a data scientist.
  • Determine which cancer therapy works best based on a patient's genetics
  • Design optimum e-commerce business strategies
  • Determine social media marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Design optimum precision agriculture field management properties
  • Determine future demand for products and services
  • Determine anti-terror threat detection algorithms