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Computational Science and Statistics PhD

The focus of Computational Science and Statistics (CSS) PhD Program is the development of sophisticated mathematical and statistical models and their implementation on high performance computing platforms. The program is research intensive. Coursework requirements are flexible, allowing a program of study to be designed to support research activity in a wide variety of areas. Current areas of faculty and graduate student research activity include bioinformatics, biostatistics, business and financial analytics, computational biology, computational finance, molecular dynamics simulation, optimization, and statistics. The program is particularly effective at preparing graduates to work in business, industry, or government as well as the more traditional area of higher education.


The CSS PhD Program offers three Specializations.

Assistantships and fellowships are available on a competitive basis

Many graduate research and teaching assistantships and fellowships are available, though applicants should note that admission to the CSS PhD Program does not guarantee that an assistantship or fellowship will be awarded.

CSS PhD admission requirements

A Masters Degree is required, with the MS in Mathematics or Statistics being the preferred degrees. Applicants with an MS in computer science, the biological sciences, economics, or finance are also eligible for admission assuming that evidence of MS-level mathematics capability is available.

More information:

For more information, please contact Graduate Program Coordinator Dr. Don Vestal.