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Actuarial Science

A Top Ranked Career, Year After Year!

For many years, actuarial science has been ranked one of the nation's top careers.  Actuaries enjoy high pay, low stress, good job security, and solve important, high impact problems.

So what do actuaries do, anyway?

Actuaries use mathematics, statistics, and other techniques to manage risk in the insurance and other industries.  Frequently, they are involved in examining how likely certain undesirable events are to happen, and deciding how best to manage the risk associated with them.  For example, an actuary might predict how likely it is that a driver with certain characteristics will have an accident in the next year, and based on that decide how to price an auto insurance policy for that driver.

Can SDSU prepare me for a career in actuarial science?

Absolutely!  To understand our approach, it's useful to know that actuaries advance in their profession by passing actuarial exams, and that companies will typically give you paid time to study for and pass exams after you're hired into an entry level position.  Thus, at SDSU, our goal is to prepare you for that entry level position.  Then, rather than you paying us to prepare you for more exams, your employer pays you!

We offer specific coursework that will prepare you to pass the first two written exams and all three VEE exams.  This is more than enough to get an entry level actuarial position, after which you can continue to study for and pass additional exams while you earn.

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