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Mathematics Education Specialization

Want to make a difference? Become a mathematics educator.

The world becomes more technologically sophisticated every year. As a result, so do the best careers. If our nation's young people are to be prepared for those careers, they're going to need the help of skilled mathematics educators. If you're willing to take on this challenge, we can help prepare you. 

What makes the SDSU Mathematics Education program unique?

The SDSU mathematics education program is fairly unique in that we have chosen not to offer separate B.S. in Mathematics and B.S. in Mathematics Education degrees requiring different amounts of mathematical rigor.. It is our philosophy that secondary school mathematics educators should be strong mathematicians as well as skilled educators, so our Mathematics Education Specialists take the same challenging core upper level mathematics courses as those math majors pursuing other professional goals. In addition to this rigorous mathematics curriculum, Mathematics Education Specialists take the full block of education courses. It takes hard work to do both these things well, but we think it's worth it. To learn more about our curriculum and the mathematics education profession, please use the links below.

Is it all about taking courses?

No, our mathematics education faculty make sure our students have lots of professional development opportunities outside of class. The very active student chapter of SDCTM travels to conferences and brings in professionally relevant speakers like first-year teachers, experienced teachers, and high school principals who hire mathematics educators. Plus, they have plenty of fun!

Information about scholarship and financial opportunities for Math Education students: