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Healthy Decision-Making Art Contest

Bright colored abstract shapes on blue background with title Healthy-Decision Making Art Contest

2023 Contest Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2023 Healthy Decision-Making Art Contest!

North Dakota

Art contest entry, comic style illustration of two teens discussing smoking by Gleven Pascual

1st: Gleven Pascual

  • Erik Ramstad Middle School

  • Minot, ND

Contest entry, illustrated teen girl contemplates decisions represented as colored sections

2nd: Blake Hasse

  • Sargent Central Public School

  • Forman, ND

Contest entry, illustration of teen girl in pencil with burned edges

3rd: Abree Diaz Gonzalez

  • Hebron Public School

  • Hebron, ND

South Dakota

Contest Entry, illustration of two people back to back, one may of flowers

1st: Sarah Nelson

  • Iroquois High School

  • Iroquois, SD

Art contest entry, illustrated scenes of making decisions through out the day in triangular panels

2nd: Rhylan Tschappat

  • Frederick Area School District

  • Frederick, SD

Watercolor illustration of South Dakota animals and plants transforming into the shape of a heart

3rd: Grace Richter

  • T.F. Riggs Public High School

  • Pierre, SD

Thank you to everyone who submitted pieces for the contest. We deeply appreciate your artistic talents and taking the time to share them with the region.


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About the Contest

Hosted by Strengthening the Heartland, the Healthy Decision-Making Art Contest gives youth across the Dakota’s the opportunity to share their art.

Youth were prompted to create art that represented what healthy decision-making meant to them. We start each day making a decision to get out of bed. From there, we are confronted with a variety of opportunities to exercise the decision-making portion of our brain. Some decisions we make are cause for little thought, while others force us to pause and consider where we should go from here.

In response, we received a myriad of creative submissions including illustration, drawing, and painting. Submissions were judged based on criteria craftsmanship, originality, and interpretation of the topic.

Prizes: The club, organization, or class of winner received a prize package towards STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) supplies. In addition, the individual winner (student, club member, etc.) will have the opportunity to have their art distributed widely as a postcard or bookmark.

About Strengthening the Heartland

Strengthening the Heartland (STH) developed through the collaborative efforts of faculty from South Dakota State University Extension and North Dakota State University Extension. With generous grant support from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the mission of STH is to invest in the wellness and prosperity of rural communities across the Dakotas.

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