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    SDSU's Return to Campus for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

    If you are looking for questions and answers regarding our return to campus for fall 2020 and spring 2021, please visit our JacksRBack Student FAQ's page on our JacksRBack website.

    COVID-19 Response during Spring 2020

    Please note that these questions are primarily in relation to our COVID-19 Response for the spring 2020 semester.

    Updated July 7, 2020

    Will students be back on campus for the Fall 2020 Semester?

    South Dakota State University will resume on-campus operations for the fall 2020 semester to provide opportunities for teaching, learning and co-curricular activities, as announced May 1 by the South Dakota Board of Regents. Planning for a safe return will include a focus on academics, student life, research, employees, athletics and the Brookings community. Fall semester classes are scheduled to begin Aug. 19.

    The decision was made following discussions among regents’ staff, university presidents and the special school superintendents following recommendations from public health officials and state leadership.

    Earlier this week, President Barry Dunn launched the “JacksRBack” planning and execution team to look at all options and methods that may be needed during the return to campus, including classroom teaching, residential life, food service, tutoring, wellness, employee accommodations and others.

    Read President Dunn's message to campus.

    For more information, please read the University's press release.

    What are our grading options for the spring semester?

    The nation’s response to the COVID-19 crisis has forced students to meet the challenge of rapidly changing learning environments. South Dakota State University is committed to maximizing student equity, success, and retention during this difficult time. In response, SDSU is working on options for students to take courses this semester under S/U grading (S=Satisfactory, U=Unsatisfactory). In S/U grading, students receive all applicable credit for satisfactory completion of the course but the grade does not figure in grade point average calculations. Most students will have the option of keeping their traditional letter grade or selecting S/U. In the coming days, the university will announce a formal policy regarding the S/U options. Please note that courses within some majors may be excluded from the S/U option due to licensure and accreditation requirements.

    Are there any activities or events being held on campus?

    On-campus events and visitor activities remain canceled through August 15.

    The following SDSU facilities will remain closed until further notice: South Dakota Art Museum, South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum, the University Bookstore in the University Student Union, University Student Union, SDSU Dairy Bar and the Meat Lab store.

    Admissions activities resume Monday, August. 3, 2020.

    Are Dining Services still available?

    Dining Services

    The University Student Union is closed to the public. Information regarding dining locations and dining hours will be posted online once available.

    What if my ability to pay for school is impacted by COVID-19?

    If an independent student or the family of a dependent student experiences significant changes in financial circumstances due to loss of income or medical expenses, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships make changes to the FAFSA to more accurately reflect the family’s ability to pay for college. If your financial situation has significantly changes, please email us or call at 605-688-4695.

    What can I do if my educational costs increase as a result of moving to online classes?

    If your educational related expenses increase as a result of COVID-19, and you need to obtain a Direct PLUS Loan or alternative loan above your initial estimated cost of attendance, you can contact the Financial Aid Office to request an increase to your estimated costs. Examples of expenses that can be considered include increased costs for living expenses, costs related to online learning, childcare expenses, and increased travel expenses. For additional information, please email the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships or call at 605-688-4695.

    Can I still receive financial aid that I declined earlier in the year?

    Generally, students who decline Federal Direct Loan awards do not lose eligibility for those awards.  If you wish to accept financial aid awards that previously declined, please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships or call at 605-688-4695 to discuss your eligibility and the process for accepting awards that were declined.

    What can I do if I need additional financial aid to help pay for my educational expenses?

    Students who need additional financial aid to help cover their educational, travel, or living costs, may be able to take out alternative loans or to have parents borrow Federal Direct PLUS Loans to help cover these costs. To apply for an alternative loan, please visit our FastChoice site to view potential lenders and for instructions on how to apply. Information about Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans including the application process can be found on our Parent Loan page. If you have questions about how to apply for these loans or the amounts you are eligible to borrow, please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships or call us 605-688-4695.

    When are the Financial Aid and Scholarships staff available?

    Financial Aid and Scholarships staff are available between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday by phone (605-688-4695) or by accessing our Virtual Financial Aid Office. Students can also contact Financial Aid by email.

    How do I access classes online?

    An Accessing Your Online Course website has been established.

    All current SDSU students should have access to D2L. If you are experiencing login issues, follow the prompts to reset password as needed. If unable to reset your password, please contact the SDSU Support Desk for assistance at 605-688-6776

    Each course has different requirements. However, students can find information on utilizing the D2L.

    What if I have technology access issues?

    Student Technology Access for Online Courses

    SDSU is working on options for students with technology access issues. You can help us by completing the student technology access form if you have concerns about accessing the internet or a laptop/tablet as we move to online classes. SDSU does have a limited number of laptops available for loan to students that can be accessed by completing the technology access form.

    Options for connectivity for online access are identified at this link. Work with your local provider for assistance in identifying available options in your area. If you have additional questions, contact the SDSU Help Desk.

    What additional information do I need to know about my classes transitioning to an online format?

    Online Classes

    Online classes began March 23, and will continue throughout the remainder of the academic calendar. The academic calendar will stay current with finals still scheduled May 4-8.

    Please continue to reference the Student Information page on the COVID-19 Response site as updates will be posted there.

    The Online Information for Students webpage will continue to be a useful resource while we operate in this online environment. The webpage continues to provide information about the online environment and important information about preregistration for summer and fall semesters, academic advising, library access and academic support services such as tutoring, supplemental instruction, the math and writing centers, and others.

    Are there any E-textbooks that will be available?

    VitalSource E-textbooks

    VitalSource and most of their participating publishers are offering free access to SDSU students and faculty for up to seven titles.

    For existing VitalSource First Day Access classes, students and faculty need to go to the Resources menu in any D2L course to access VitalSource Bookshelf to search for content. For first time users, they will need to go to the VitalSource Helps webpage to get started to search for content. Below are resources for students and faculty on borrowing ebooks for free:

    • How to Access
    • VitalSource Support

    VitalSource offers 24/7 support for students and faculty. More inquires please send to SDSU Bookstore.

    What if I don’t have access to the internet?

    The university will work with you to determine appropriate means to complete your courses. Please contact your faculty to determine possible alternatives or how to gain internet access.

    What about my labs?

    Each course has different requirements and the university is reviewing what measures need to take place and will communicate that information when it is available.

    As a graduate student will I be able to finish my requirements?

    The SDSU graduate school will continue to monitor the situation and adjust accordingly based on the university’s direction to ensure graduate students are able to meet their requirements.

    Questions can be directed to the Graduate School at 605-688-4181.

    Are academic advising services still available?

    Academic Advising

    To align with actions taken by the State of South Dakota, South Dakota Board of Regents, and South Dakota State University in an effort to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, academic advising services will be available through distance methods rather than face-to-face appointments until further notice.

    Your academic advisor will determine the method of distance delivery that is available to you. This could include Zoom sessions, phone advising, email advising, or other modes of communication. Find more information about navigating Zoom sessions.

    If you prefer a specific type of communication for your advising appointment, please contact your academic advisor directly. We are eager to support your health while continuing to provide quality advising support as you prepare for future semesters.

    Is the Jackrabbit Pharmacy open?

    The Jackrabbit Pharmacy serves all eligible SDSU students, faculty/staff and their family members. The SDSU Jackrabbit Pharmacy accepts prescriptions from doctors outside of the Student Health Clinic. We offer competitively priced over-the-counter and prescription medications. Jackrabbit Pharmacy offers insurance filing. We accept cash, check, debit/credit cards and HOBO Dough. Over the counter items are also available for purchase using HOBO Dough in the pharmacy vending machine located in the spine of the Miller Wellness Center. For questions, please call 605-688-5410.

    Due to COVID-19, and the changes with how the pharmacy operates, pharmacy staff recommends that you give a two day notice for prescription refills by calling your prescription refill into the pharmacy (Phone: 605-688-5410). On-campus delivery is available through campus mail. Thank you for your ongoing support of the Jackrabbit Pharmacy. 

    The Jackrabbit Pharmacy is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. (closed from 12:30 -1 p.m. for lunch).

    Closed on Tuesdays & holidays.

    For questions, please call 605-688-5410

    Is the Student Health and Counseling Center still open?

    Student Health and Counseling Center Operations

    We are open and continue to offer primary healthcare and counseling services to students. It is our priority to provide quality services in a safe environment for our patient and employees. While the Student Health Clinic and Counseling Services (SHCCS) and Jackrabbit Pharmacy are open, we have put extensive safety measures in place, following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and South Dakota Department of Health (SDDOH) guidelines. Student Health is scheduling routine office visits and procedures in the clinic with enhanced precautions. To schedule an appointment please call the clinic at 605688-4157 or visit MyState and self-schedule through the patient portal. Counseling Services is scheduling sessions, offered through the Zoom Health platform. To schedule an appointment please call 605-688-4157.

    Some of our new protocols include:

    • Increasing paperless transaction therefore, forms are available on the patient portal and the SHCCS webpage.
    • Assessing patients for COVID-19 prior to entering the SHCCS
    • Social distancing procedures and process, signage on the floor, and waiting room arranged accordingly
    • Increased cleaning and disinfectant of all areas in the SHCCS
    • Use of face coverings by all patients entering the waiting room

    Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you. If you have any questions concerning COVID-19 screening or scheduling an appointment, you can call 605-688-4157. 

    The Student Health Clinic and Counseling Services is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Is Jack's Cupboard still available to students?

    Jack's Cupboard is available for students who need these resources. The Cupboard is open at the following times:

    Dates/Times: Wednesdays and Thursdays 3:30 - 5 p.m.
    Pickup Location: Southeast side of Ben Reifel Hall

    For additional information and to view the types of items that are available during this time, visit the COVID-19: Jack's Cupboard page.

    If you find that the times listed above do not work for you, you are welcome to set up an appointment to pick up items, please email Chris Kaberline at your earliest convenience.


    Veterans Affairs Information

      The Post 9/11 GI Bill, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

      The Department of Veterans Affairs is preparing guidance for schools that have changes in training modalities and operation statuses due to COVID-19. However, Congress has introduced legislation that, if enacted, will alleviate the impact to GI Bill beneficiaries for a switch to pursuit solely through distance education. In order to avoid confusion and the need to make multiple changes to enrollments, VA is asking all schools to temporarily refrain from making an adjustments to enrollment certifications if training has changed due to COVID-19.

      Veterans Affairs Resource Center

      As it stands, we are working out of our homes as directed by President Dunn. But that doesn’t mean we are not working for you. I am answering all emails, making adjustments to certs, calling the SCO Hotline and most everything we can do in the office, from home.

      If you have concerns, questions or uncertainties, email, or leave a voice message and thanks to VOIP I receive them to my email and will answer as quick as possible.

      Russ S. Chavez, SFC (USA Retired)
      Director for Veterans Affairs
      South Dakota State University
      Office: 605-688-6478