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Judging Teams

The Department of Animal Science, SDSU, and the College of Agriculture and Biological Science strongly support and urge students to take part in any of the many judging teams at SDSU. This strong support is due to the experiences that judging team members receive, as well as the extra training in the areas of decision making and oral and written communication. Past judging team members have made job contacts while participating on a judging team. But, more importantly, they have become industry leaders, which many of them attribute to their judging experience.

Students can participate on several judging teams offered through the Department of Animal Science.

Activities/Student Organizations/Clubs

Several student clubs and organizations are affiliated with the Department of Animal Science, and Department faculty serve as club advisors and are supportive of all club functions and events.

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Livestock Judging

Employers have continuously sought out members of livestock judging teams because of the attributes they develop while participating on the judging team, such as the ability to make decisions, think quickly and aggressively, work under pressure, and communicate effectively.

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Meat Judging

The SDSU Meat Judging program exists to generate student interest in meat science and to develop teamwork, communication, and critical-thinking skills among program participants.

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Wool Judging

One word can sum up the South Dakota State University Wool Judging team: competitive.

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Animal Evaluation

Live animal evaluation is an important tool with which all students in animal agriculture should be familiar. Livestock procedures and breeders evaluate livestock for the correct time to market their animals, and order buyers and packers evaluate livestock for correctness of condition and red meat yield. The ability to effectively identify animals that meet the needs of the marketplace is an everyday occurrence for many people in animal agriculture.

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