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Student Media


The Collegian

The Collegian is South Dakota State’s independent student-run newspaper. It provides a welcoming environment for student journalists, photographers and designers to develop their skills and gain real world experience in the news industry. 

First started in 1885, The Collegian continues to flourish because students actively seek to make it better. The Collegian is catching up with the trend of incorporating social media into its news strategy. Involvement on Twitter, Facebook and their website are important ways the staff of The Collegian is reaching out to its audience. 

Weekly papers are published and distributed on Wednesdays. The Collegian staff edits and designs page layouts Monday and Tuesday nights. The work is rewarding and gives great experience for student interest in writing, editing and photography. 

Katherine Clayton, a staff member of The Collegian and 2017 English education major, said her experience at The Collegian has enhanced her experience. 

“The Collegian has been essential to my time at SDSU,” she said. “I am so glad and grateful that I have had this opportunity.”

Jacks Weekly

Jacks Weekly Report

Becoming a news anchor for a live newscast is a reality for students in the journalism program at South Dakota State.

The Jacks Weekly Report is a weekly newscast produced and edited by a class of journalism students in both the fall and spring semesters.

"They will get multifaceted reporting opportunities," said professor Terry Harris, who teaches the broadcast classes. "It gives new perspective and allows them to practice their trade rather than just going through the motions."

In the spring semester, the TV Reporting class handles the newscast and learns information on audio, video, graphics, reporting and more.

After developing their skills, they join the Advanced TV News class in the fall semester to put together the newscast.

Jacks Weekly Report airs over the SDSU Cable Channel, reaching more than 20 communities. It airs three times each day. The newscast also airs in the Student Union three times a day, where students and faculty can view it during a lunch or study break.




The campus radio station, KSDJ offers students an opportunity to learn the radio industry from the inside, working both on-air and behind the scenes.

The KSDJ staff provide programming for a 24/7 radio station. For the last two academic years, the station has employed 20 student disc jockeys who fill a large number of mostly afternoon and evening broadcast hours.