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The contestants will design and build a system that will launch a grade A egg, to hit a target that is one foot off the ground and twenty-seven feet away. This will be done twice. Scramblers must be submitted for inspection prior to the competition.


One to two members

Approximate Time

Two hours


  • The entire assembled system in ready-to-launch configuration must be placed inside a fifty centimeter cube. One face of the cube must be placed on the starting line at the beginning of the competition. If the mechanism is placed on the diagonal to fit in the cube, it must be launched from that position.
  • The uncooked chicken egg is required to fit into the cube.
  • The system must launch on its own after the egg has been positioned. (Examples include: candle burning through string, unwinding springs, electronic timer.)
  • Remote controlled devices cannot be used (may remove).
  • The contestants cannot touch the system, including the egg, within five seconds of the egg launching.
  • The contestant will have two minutes to launch the eggs. The timing will start after the first egg is handed to the contestants.
  • No practice shot will be given.


  • Highest possible score is one hundred points.
  • The target will be circular having a diameter of ninety-four inches with the center target four inches in diameter. The center target will be worth fifty points. Every ring after the center circle will be five inches away from the previous ring and the point value decreases by five points with each ring.
  • The whole egg must hit the target.
  • Fastest time wins in the case of a tie.
  • Highest score wins.


  • If the system leaves the fifty centimeter by fifty centimeter square on the ground, the contestant will lose ten points.
  • If the contestants go over two minutes, they will lose two points for every second over the two minutes.

Target is parallel to the ground.