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Rocket Car II

The competition will be set up as a bracket drag race. A guide wire runs above each track for stability and safety purposes. A tether system is provided which connects the guide wire to the eyebolts of each car. The hole in the eye bolt must be exactly one quarter of an inch and there must be two eyebolts. They can be purchased from any hardware store. The very top of the eye hole must be three inches above the ground. Vehicle specifications are as follows:

Maximum Length (including all attachments)8 1/2"
Maximum Width2 3/4"
Maximum Height (this is the very top of the eye hook)3"
Minimum Mass.6 kg
Minimum Under-Car Clearance3/8"
Diameter of Eyebolt1/4 "
Minimum Width Between the Inside of the Wheels1 3/4"
Height of Eye Hook3"

An Estes C6-0 engine will be provided along with the means of igniting the engine. The engine must be restrained (the engine cannot leave the car by design, it must be held tightly in the car). The entire run or the entry will be disqualified. The engine case must extend one quarter of an inch beyond the back of the car for safety. This will be included in the measurement for overall length. The car must stay on the track or it will be disqualified. The idea of the newly designed track is to engineer a car that utilizes downforce to keep it on the track and keep the tires on the outside of the rails. Unstable cars will have slower runs and less success. We have used the specs off of the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby Race to set up our Rocket Car specs. A great starting point for your entry would be a BSA pinewood derby kit.  The track is designed for Pinewood Derby wheels.


One to two members