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The Ready.SET.Go! Camp is a one-day workshop for high school students held every November. (SET stands for Science, Engineering and Technology.) Modeled after the eighth-grade GEMS camp, this version offers activities more suited to high-school age students and is designed to help students decide how to focus their interests into a college major and a career. To this end, professional women from the industry provide a key part of the workshop.

The goals of this workshop are:

  • to introduce high school-aged women to engineering, math and science through a highly dynamic program of hands-on activities
  • increase student and parent knowledge of engineering, math and science with regard to academic preparation and professional opportunities
  • provide an environment that facilitates learning and excitement about engineering, math and science
  • to inspire young women to continue to pursue the courses of study introduced during the workshop.

Faulty Contact: Saikat Basu  Email:

2023 Student Sessions

Session One: Biomedical Engineering

Measuring our Body’s Rhythm (Biomedical Engineering Design and Manufacturing)

Blood vessels (arteries) are the pipes of our body connecting the heart (the driving engine) to all organs within. In the process, it supplies oxygen-rich blood to maintain our health and life. Blood flow and arterial tissue is thus a critical indicator of our health and disease. In this workshop, students will wear biomedical engineers hat to design and test a biomedical device to measure their body's arterial rhythm. 

Session Two: Biometrics  

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get into a high-security building? Think Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation where the team breaks into a power station to get to a super-secure server. They needed a strong understanding of the biometrics systems in place in the power station.

Biometric identifiers are distinctive, measurable characteristics used to describe individuals. Several examples include fingerprints, DNA, voice, iris, retina, face and gait. Statisticians and computer scientists play a crucial role in the field of biometrics technology by developing and implementing biometric systems.

In this session, we will learn and apply statistics and coding skills in several biometric activities, as well as design our own systems. Maybe Tom Cruise could learn a lesson from us after this session!

Session Three: Computer Science

I "heart" You!

Learn how electrical circuits work while making a flashing LED Heart. You’ll learn about resistors, capacitors, transistors and light emitting diodes (LED’s) and how they can be combined to form a lighted heart that flashes. You’ll solder the components onto the circuit board (heart) and add a battery to light it up! The finished heart is yours to keep.

2023 Parent Sessions:

SESSION ONE: Being an Engineer – The Rollercoaster Activity

Working in small teams you will design and build your own roller coaster. Designing and building a rollercoaster takes structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electric engineers, software engineers and safety engineers. Which engineer will you be as you as your team designs and builds a rollercoaster that will turn the potential energy that a roller coaster has at the top of the first big hill into kinetic energy as a roller coaster accelerates down a hill? All in all you will have fun with this hands on activity.

Session Two: Engineering Tour

With over 30 hands-on laboratories in our different majors, take a walking tour to visit a few select labs from various disciplines within the SDSU College of Engineering followed by a tour to observe the activities in the various student sessions.

Session Three: Preparing Your Student for College and STEM Career Opportunities

Dr. Rich Reid, Associate Dean of Engineering, will present information to the parents and teachers on how high school students can better prepare themselves to compete for scholarships and demanding academic majors as well as discuss the different majors offered by the College. Followed by Leah Brink, Human Resources Director at Daktronics, Inc., who will discuss STEM career opportunities.